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DAM Software Case Study

Clear and consistent branding means you save more than just time and resources. Digital Asset Management also means integrity and credibility. To some of the most respected institutions in the world, this is absolutely crucial. The British Army, Royal Navy and Royal Air Force’s vast number of digital artworks – much in demand for use in press releases, websites, print publications and advertising – were scattered across a wide number of file systems.

There was no clear organisation, and locating them time was consuming. The armed forces needed these assets to be much more accessible and more easily identifiable. Too much time was wasted locating images and checking they were the right versions.


DAM software case study

Hompage of the Army Brand Site 


Brandworkz – one centralised digital asset management system

The new Brandworkz digital asset management system does exactly what the armed forces need. A centralised image database using a clear easy-to-navigate interface means that it’s now quicker and easier to access a vast range of digital assets. From Army, Navy and Air Force personnel to Ministry of Defence staff, contractors, and agencies – everyone benefits.

Maintain control of access for your branding

Automatic user registration saves time with administrators manually validating higher-level access requirements. The system boasts over 150 different user groups with individual levels of permission, ensuring that the right people get quick and easy access the right artworks and badges.

Copyright protected branding

Protecting the copyright of British Army, Royal Navy and Royal Air Force digital assets was a high priority. A licensing and merchandising section for the Army provides information and guidance on the necessary licensing process for using images under the Crown Copyright. Clearly communicating the Army’s policies ensures that all use of digital assets follows the Army brand guidelines.


DAM software case study

Search in the Army Brand Site


The right branding choices made easy

Proof of the digital asset management system’s ease of use is demonstrated through the section of Army badges. Over 150 different corps’ badges are now easily navigable and manageable via permissions downloads in the format needed by the user. Despite storing over 1000 badge permutations, navigation of the portal is easy and intuitive, so whether for office use or professional use, you can be sure to always find the correct artwork.


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