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Brandworkz Social Collaboration is an internal Blog feature and Who’s Who listing of your internal marketing teams. The module enables marketers to build an online community, align internal teams, share information and create a valuable knowledge base. Employees gain insights from colleagues and share their own best practice.
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See Brandworkz in action

Brandworkz Internal Collaboration Features

Build an online community for your marketing team inside your company

Create an internal online community for your brand and marketing team where they can educate themselves about best practice and share insights, facts and stories about the brand and the marketing activity.

Build a community

Create a better sense of community by allowing end-users to post questions or views and for other users to comment on these.


Establish a knowledge base

Take advantage of the knowledge of the entire user-group for brand and marketing questions, rather than just one central admin, removing the over reliance on one or two people in the team to answer all brand-related questions.


Get valuable feedback

Gain insightful feedback from your wider marketing team by allowing them to comment and rate on new ideas and campaigns.

Share your brand and marketing news

Use the Brandworkz blog to spread the latest brand and marketing news to the wider company so that everybody is able to understand and communicate a unified external message and a consistent experience of the brand, no matter which department.

Multiple brands, multiple blogs

Brandworkz gives you the ability to create as many different blogs as your require for each of your different sub-brands. These blogs are permission based so users only see relevant information.


Archiving your old posts and comments

With Brandworkz you have the option for permanent archival of old posts and comments.


Tag posts

Users can categorise and tag individual posts, so these can be searched for anywhere within the brand management system.

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