MS Document Management

Every Office document on-brand and up-to-date

In any business, employees are creating new Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents every single day, but how on-brand and consistent are those documents?

Brandworkz MS Office Document management helps ensure that every document that is created by your team is on-brand and represents your brand accurately.

What you get with MS Document Management

Every device and platform

MS Office Document Management makes all of your documents, slides, templates, images and text elements available to everyone who needs them on all devices and platforms.

Available online and offline

Get access to templates online and offline so that your staff can easily create on-brand documents wherever they are, whether online in the office or offline while travelling.

Update out-of-date documents

Some of your team will have out-of-date documents saved on their desktops that they always go back to. With Brandworkz they can still reuse their old documents, but will be notified about the parts that are off-brand and be prompted to easily update them.

Validate on the go

Brandworkz will review the text elements within your documents and presentations to detect when things are wrong, out of date or not brand compliant.

Backward compatible

With Brandworkz MS Document Management you can even enforce your new brand and legal compliance guidelines on documents that were created in the past.

Dynamic templates

All MS Office Document Management templates are dynamic and will automatically update based on the individual employee’s profile. Company details and personal information will automatically be added as required, based on the user.

Brandworkz Brand Management Software features

Digital Asset Management

Everything in one place so everyone can find the stuff they need when they need it


Stop spending valuable time, money and resources on manual, low-level artwork changes

Workflow & Annotation

Streamline, track and audit your marketing production processes – however complex

Logo Finder

Let everybody find the right logo, every time – cutting out endless, tedious logo requests

Brand Guidelines

Educate all employees and partners on what makes you different from the competition

Reporting & Analysis

Make better decisions from insights into your brand assets, people and processes

MS Doc Management

Every Office document on-brand and up-to-date across the whole company, sounds good right?

Brand Showcase

Show people what good looks like and stop them reinventing the wheel by promoting best practice


Bonjour, ¡Hola, 你好. Are you in or expanding overseas? Make them feel welcome


Manage all your brands and their assets in one Brand Management System

Brand Insights

Show people what good looks like and stop them reinventing the wheel by promoting best practice

Hosting & Security

Brandworkz industry lead security features keep your valuable brand assets safe

Brandworkz Brand Management Software features

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