Thinking about a DAM implementation? Why you need a DAM project planning toolkit

Are you struggling to manage the massive volume of marketing content required for the huge range of tools, platforms and media channels you are using to connect with your customers?

You are not alone. Marketers are drowning in the sea of content that is being created. That’s because it is hard to store, manage and distribute so much content effectively. Anyone with a decentralised marketing team or external agencies knows how draining of time it is to handle the email and telephone requests for content such as images, logos, marketing artworks and documents. And that’s without considering the money wasted in re-created campaigns because teams simply don’t know what’s been done before.

Marketers are being tasked with finding ways to work more efficiently. Outdated manual methods of managing and sharing content are no longer workable.

Marketers are turning to digital asset management (DAM) and brand asset management platforms to help. But where do you start? How do you work out how DAM will help? How do you plan for a DAM implementation?

Here at Brandworkz we’ve put together a Digital Asset Management Project Planning Toolkit to help you through the process of deciding whether to implement a digital asset management platform. It isn’t daunting when you are being helped through each step.

Download our Digital Asset Management Project Planning Toolkit

Download our Digital Asset Management Project Planning Toolkit now to get the right tools and checklists to help you in the early stages of planning a successful DAM project,. You will ensure a smooth project and the platform you need to automate the efficient storage, management and distribution of your marketing content.

We hope you find our digital asset management project planning toolkit useful!

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