How to write the questions in a DAM RFP – the Toolkit

We bring you our latest digital asset management (DAM) Toolkit and this time it is there to help you write the questions you’ll need to put in an Request For Proposal (RFP) if you are appointing a DAM vendor.

Not every business is bound by rules dictating that an RFP process must be undertaken, but if your organisation is in the not-for-profit, military or public sector, or if you have a procurement team responsible for appointing suppliers, a formal procurement process will be in place in your business.

If you are part of the team appointing a digital asset management vendor, chances are you’ll be asked to contribute some if not all of the questions that will go into the RFP document that will be sent out to vendors.

A good RFP will articulate the reasons for implementing a DAM, the project background and goals, and will pose a series of questions to identify the type of company or service that can help meet those goals, thereby enabling you to hire the right partner or supplier.

By distributing an RFP, you signal to potential bidders that you want an open, competitive process to find the vendor who can deliver the best product at the best price.

We’ve created this tool to help you as much as possible in putting together your RFP. It not only helps you to think about what should go in yours, there’s a comprehensive and handy ‘cheat sheet’ of the type of questions you need to be asking.

We hope you find it helpful. Do let us know if you think there are any questions missing.

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