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How do you make marketing production processes more efficient for higher education?

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The educational establishments today are increasingly spending time, budget and effort ensuring they develop brands that stand out in a crowded marketplace and attract students.

How do you make marketing production processes more efficient for higher education?

The modern higher education marketplace particularly is more disrupted now than it has ever been with universities competing fiercely for students from within their home countries and from overseas. The concept of a student as a customer is taking hold as universities adopt consumer marketing techniques.

In this environment, having an effective and consistent brand is vitally important to survive and thrive. A strong brand is a consistent brand. Plus the need to feed media channels with creative, engaging and compliant content means having good brand management tools such as a brand management platform is a must-have for higher education marketers.

The challenges for marketers in Education include:

University of Greenwich homepage
University of Greenwich homepage
  • How to get consistency around the brand especially when courses can be delivered across media and also across borders.
  • Maintaining brand consistency for extended time frames – universities market their courses for two years to students from the age of 16 – 18 before they are bought.
  • The need to produce literature for hundreds of courses every year.
  • Access to internal design resources which can be limited.
  • How to reduce marketing production times particularly when course brochures or information needs to be produced quickly and design teams can cause bottlenecks.
  • Universities are highly regulated when it comes to creating degree courses. Course content must be assessed by a central body and go through strict regulatory compliance processes to be approved.
Greenwich HR Course Brochure
Greenwich HR Course Brochure

Why Brandworkz?

A Brandworkz brand management platform meets these challenges. Marketing content is centralised in a brand hub, controlled access is provided for internal teams and partners, and dynamic templates are available for users to customise. No design skills necessary. Brandworkz enables faster marketing production lead times and makes strong brand consistency possible across media, regions and time frames.

Brandworkz offers education marketers the ability to

  • Centralise all your approved marketing materials online: logos, images, documents, videos, artworks and brand positioning information are held in a secure, cloud-based digital asset management system for your internal teams to self-serve.
  • Give assigned users a choice of pre-designed web-to-print templates for course brochures and leaflets, posters, postcards, and so on which they can customise and send to print.
  • Eliminate delays; new and on-brand materials can be produced within minutes by people who are not designers
  • Set up bespoke Approval Workflows configured with people, departments and internal systems to allow compliant production of marketing materials.
  • Integrate Brandworkz with third-party marketing platforms for increased efficiencies

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