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Why choose Brandworkz brand management software?

Here at Brandworkz, we believe that branding and good brand management is one of the key drivers of sustainable differentiation, sales and brand value.

Our brand management software will help businesses implement their brand and communications. You build a stronger brand in every channel. And you grow your company value.

Check out the Brandworkz features and benefits below:

Brandworkz Digital Asset Management

Digital Asset Management (DAM) is the critical component of brand management software, used to manage, distribute and update all your digital brand assets (logos, images, videos, documents) online. With inbuilt Logo Finder giving you the right asset for your use every time, DAM is efficient and intuitive, streamlines the way people work and will save you time and money.

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Brandworkz Workflow

Approval Workflow, marketing production management, is designed  to simplify the execution of complex business processes. You get a clear overview of work in progress, company-wide. Plan, track and approve projects at a glance; annotate artwork online; identify blockages and get out to market quicker.

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JLL Showcase

Showcase the best work, news and ideas from your global marketing teams online in Brandworkz. This is a focal point where people keep in touch with each other’s campaigns and ideas, increasing consistency and reducing costly duplication.

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Brandworkz infrastructure is scalable to your businesses needs. Our infrastructure includes CDN for faster downloads around the world, CMIS integration to interact with your other systems, 99.99% up-time hosting and Single Sign-on for ease of access company wide.

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Brandworkz brand management technology is supported by Brandworkz Consulting which offers a complete suite of services to achieve excellence in brand and asset management. Our services include initial consultancy, design, migration and on-going support.

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Brandworkz offers integration with many marketing process platforms such as your CMS, CRM system, marketing automation platform and other 3rd party software, using our RESTful API, XML feeds and other built-in web services.

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