Reporting & Analysis

Tune your brand asset management for maximum efficiency with Brandworkz Reporting & Analysis. Customisable charts and tables give a detailed picture of how assets, templates and downloads are being used, helping you to reduce time and costs even further.


  • See what’s hot and what’s not

Reports are limitless, see the most popular assets of the last week, days, month or year.

  • User reporting

See which users are logging in, when they are loggin in, for how long and what they are viewing and downloading.

  • Usage dashboard

Reporting dashboard can be customised so you can see your key metrics at a glance.

  • Reports customised to your needs

You can customise the data you need, creating reports to analyse usage and access frequency and show who is downloading what.

  • Approval dashboard

See what workflows are in progress, overdue and when projects should be completed.

  • Absolute clarity

All the information you need on how marketing management is affecting brand consistency, governance, education and operations via powerful attribution analysis.

The Brandworkz advanced reporting feature is powered by QlikView self-service business intelligence analytics software from Differentia Consulting. Click here to see the app in action.


Brandworkz Smarter.DAM Reporting

Brandworkz Smarter.DAM Reporting


Click here to see more reporting features.



  • Knowledge is power.

Reporting & Analysis module gives you a clear understanding of exactly how well your brand is managed.

  • See the fruits of your labour.

Reporting & Analysis helps you to see what impact the software is having and where to fine tune your use of assets, templates and downloads to improve performance even more. It provides an audit trail and analytics on brand and marketing activities.

  • Promote the best assets and content.

By knowing how often each asset is used, you can see which assets work best and promote any assets that are being underutilised.

  • Reporting feeds back into the system.

Sharing insights will help you to get maximum returns on your investment in each asset, ensuring your investment in marketing materials, templates and the system itself is justified.

  • Ensure you continue to get the most from Brandworkz.

Digital Asset Management, Workflow & Approval, Web-toPrint and Showcase modules help you to manage your brand efficiently and cost-effectively. Reporting & Analysis will help you to keep it that way.

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