Our People

Great companies are made up of great people

Meet the team behind your Brandworkz brand management system.

The Brandworkz management team is made up of talented and experienced individuals who understand the challenges marketers face when it comes to brand management and who work collaboratively to help our clients overcome them.

We take our work seriously, but once the work day is over why don’t you join us down the local pub – seriously, we mean it!

Jens Lundgaard

Founder / CEO

Hari Walters

Head of Product

Anne Dragin

Business Analyst

Paul Jesson

Finance Director

Neil Monahan

Head of Marketing

Simone van Oosten

Digital Project Manager

Rajeev Jolly

Head of Client Services

Guy Newman

Client Support Manager

Ursh Sheehan

Training Manager


“What has kept our relationship strong with Brandworkz is the team behind the work. They’ve always been so prompt with their responses and they’ve always been so eager to solve our problems.”

Kallinthi Alexopoulou, Global Production Coordinator, NBCUniversal

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