Brandworkz Release Notes

Read about all the latest features and improvements added to Brandworkz in our release notes

Brandworkz Brand Management Software is regularly updated as we look to develop new ways in which our clients can manage their digital assets and manage their brands. We are constantly adding new features and improving our existing modules. Below is a list of release notes corresponding to each release detailing the advancements made in each release.

Brandworkz 8.2.1

This release from Brandworkz is mainly focused on improving our search functionality. We have made improvements to the search results page and added new actions that now allow users to download, edit and share assets from within the results page. We have also updated the user interface to give a more streamlined look and feel which brings our Search and DAM features closer together. There are also a number of other improvements and enhancements made along with regular bug fixes


Brandworkz 8.2

GDPR regulations come into force this week, giving more privacy rights to consumers and holding to account those that breach them, so we are all for it. In line with the regulations, Brandworkz software release 8.2 comes with a focus on features to give greater control to clients and end users around visibility and management of individual profiles. There are also improvements to image transcoding with speed improvements and other feature enhancements. Along with the usual bug fixes.

Brandworkz 8.1

Brandworkz 8.1 focuses on providing our users with better visibility about how their assets are being used and improving their business intelligence. As part of this release we have redesigned our asset detail popup to be more insightful and rebuilt our reporting module so you can understand how your assets are being used both within Brandworkz and out in the world. 8.1 also sees the launch of our Adobe CC Connector, our new e-commerce Embed Link and My Stuff Area.


Brandworkz 8.0.2

We are pleased to announce this minor release to our clients, which includes some key new features to our Web-to-Publish module and the introduction of a built-in asset commenting tool for our Workflow, and an option for accelerated uploads of large files. This release also contains bug fixes and client suggested improvements. Finally, this release provides a speed improvement of over 50% on many page functions due to updating to faster AWS servers.


Brandworkz 8.0

We are excited to share our biggest release to date with you. Brandworkz 8 contains a completely revamped digital asset management module, which includes a brand new User Interface with desktop- like features allowing you to interact with your assets more intuitively and more quickly. The aim of the new User Interface is to enhance the user experience in line with the first of our company values, ‘striving for simplicity’.


Brandworkz 7.1

This release is a maintenance release. You will not see any new features, but there are important infrastructure improvements in line with our roadmap, and bug fixes.

In this release you will see improvements to Web-to-Publish, image processing and user management. You will also see speed and reliability improvements from our move to a new hosting provider.


Brandworkz 7.0.3

Brandworkz 7.0.3 is focused on the very important task of metadata management within our digital asset management module. You will also see a new feedback widget which will help deliver feedback from end-users. You will also see improvements to search, tagging, multi-lingual and reporting.


Brandworkz 7.0.2

Brandworkz 7.0.2 features the launch of our new Artificial Intelligence (AI)-based automatic image recognition and keyword suggestion tool to help marketers to better manage their metadata. This release also sees improvements to Asset Alerting, Image processing and zipping for download.


Brandworkz 7.0

The release of Brandworkz 7.0 sees Brandworkz take steps to becoming the content hub of your marketing ecosystem. This release features our new API which allows us to integrate with other marketing technologies. Brandworkz 7.0 also features a new Share Link to help distribute assets and Full Screen View for better asset viewing.


Brandworkz 6.3.1

Brandworkz 6.3.1 is a maintenance release with a small number of improvements to our brand asset management offering such as increasing the size of zipping files to 25GBs and speed improvements to image processing and file management.


Brandworkz 6.3

In software release 6.3, we have focused on how Brandworkz can improve marketing processes, giving our clients the ability to adhere to brand and industry compliance rules in an automated way, reducing dependency on manual processes. We have also given certain sections within Brandworkz a UI overhaul to improve the overall look and feel of the system. All this plus numerous speed and usability improvements.


Brandworkz 6.2

The Brandworkz 6.2 release is focused on enhancing a user’s experience of viewing assets in the Brandworkz digital asset management platform with major improvements to the way images, videos and documents are displayed in the Asset Detail page. This release features improvements to asset details preview, multi-page documents, pinned asset bar and the handling of large asset uploads.


Brandworkz 6.1

The Brandworkz 6.1 release brings a new blog function to Brandworkz brand asset management. This release also features Hot Folder to improve uploads, some new user interface tweaks and Job numbers for Workflow items.