Brandworkz 7.0.3 Release Notes

Release 7.03 has a focus on metadata management. Fast, good quality search in a digital asset management system improves the productivity of end users, but this relies on administrators being able to tag content quickly and easily.


1. Introducing the Feedback Widget

Feedback from end-users about the experience of using the Brandworkz software is extremely valuable for us in being able to make improvements that clients and end-users really want. Currently we get feedback about Brandworkz from the site administrators in client companies, but we rarely hear feedback from the people in your companies who are the true end-users out in the “field”.

Therefore we have introduced the Feedback Widget so we can hear feedback direct from your users about how they suggest we can make Brandworkz even better.  Every user of Brandworkz will see a Feedback button and can use it to log their suggestions about what they like and the areas they would like to see improved.

Your site administrator in your company will also be informed by Brandworkz of any feedback or comments we get from your users. These will be discussed with them and in agreement with them and you, suggestions will be added to the software roadmap.


What happens when someone submits the form?

Brandworkz receives an email immediately with the responses received through the feedback form. Feedback will be assessed by Brandworkz teams and we will share these with the administrator in your company before any suggestions are added to the software roadmap.

The new feedback button will appear by default for all our clients. If for any reason you do not wish to have this feature, please let us know so we can disable it.


2. New bulk edit metadata

We have rebuilt our bulk edit from the ground up to make it quicker and easier to apply metadata to several assets at once. The new bulk edit includes:

  • Full screen editing, giving more space to view content and make edits
  • Thumbnail previews, so users can see the images they are editing metadata for
  • Excel style metadata management (includes sorting and resizing columns)
  • Selectable options for date and multiple choice fields, for quicker data entry
  • Excel style column “fill down” buttons, for quicker data entry
  • Bulk hierarchical tagging
  • Bulk edit for multi-lingual sites

To use this simply select multiple assets within a folder and click ‘Edit’


3. Overhauled hierarchical tagging

Hierarchical tagging is a powerful way to tag your assets in a structured way, making it easier for your users to search for assets. It is very easy to set up hierarchical fields in Brandworkz to match your business classifications.

We have improved the way in which you can tag your assets with hierarchical data. This includes:

  • Auto-suggestion for finding the tags
  • Speed improvements
  • Translation assist
  • Asset details display of hierarchical tags


4. Search improvements

Search suggestions

Brandworkz now offers suggestions automatically as you start typing your search term in the quick search bar. When using the quick search box, the system will present list of clickable keywords found in the system to improve the search results. Search indexing has also been sped-up, so when you update your asset metadata it will become searchable more quickly than before.

‘AND’ based search configuration

Multiple-choice fields can be configured to be ‘AND’ based for more refined results.


5. Metadata management improvements

Metadata fields with multiple values are even quicker to configure and sort. You are now able to:

  • Custom sort options with drag-and-drop
  • Sort options alphabetically by clicking the ‘Name’ column


6. Multi-lingual improvements

We have made improvements to the user interface, so you can now see the default language next to the language you are translating (see screenshot). This makes it easier to add translations and spot those that are missing.

Also, characters should now be retained correctly when end-users download files on all major browsers and platforms, including foreign roman and non-roman characters (e.g. German umlauts, scandinavian characters, Russian and Japanese characters) and punctuation symbols (e.g. commas, dashes, hyphens, etc).

Please contact Brandworkz if you would like more information on multi-lingual, including how to configure it in your system.


7. Speed improvements
  • 4x faster image thumbnail generation
  • 2x faster category/folder updates
  • 3x faster metadata saves
  • Numerous other minor speed improvements in the DAM module


8. Other Improvements
  • Predictive search: breadcrumb display when using predictive search on hierarchical fields
  • Clustering: added support for web clustering for scalability
  • Importing: Added support for Excel .xlsx type (previously only .xls)
  • Multi-brand: navigation consistency in the workflow module
  • Reporting: Ability to download many of the reports as Excel spreadsheets


9. Bug Fixes 



  • Fixed custom thumbnails for multi-page documents (e.g. PPT)
  • Fixed permission issues on related asset links
  • Fixed permission issue with guest users downloading
  • Fixed download handling for some special characters
  • Fixed logo finder cache
  • Fixed download wizard cropping
  • Hot folder: fixed issue with root folder being deleted
  • Fixed issue with folders to exclude option in the Latest Assets Widget
  • Fixed issue with metadata imported from Excel spreadsheet not being added to search index





  • Fixes to the CMS video widget



  • Fixed search within document off setting



  • Minor improvements to the translations
  • Fixed default language setting

User management

  • Fixed issue with exporting user list for groups
  • Improved UI for exporting users




Image/video transcoding

  • Improved handling of vector EPS flies
  • Improved handling of files with transparency
  • General improvements to video transcoding



  • Fixed delays in displaying imported metadata
  • Improved handling of extracting embedded IPTC metadata




  • Minor style fixes


Whats next?
  • Brandworkz 7.1 – Completely overhauled web-to-print module
  • Brandworkz 8.0 – New DAM User Interface (email to sign up for the January 2016 Beta release)

Please contact Brandworkz if you would like more information on any of the new features or have any feature requests of your own. We also offer more formal training if you want to make the most of these features.