Brandworkz 7.0 Release Notes

2015 is the year of integration for Brandworkz brand asset management and release 7.0 sees the platform become the content hub of your Marketing and Branding ecosystem. A major step in achieving this is the building of an integration.


New Feature: Share link

In line with our company principles of inventive simplicity and client focus we believe we’ve delivered a simple function that our clients have asked for. Some of the great feedback Brandworkz has received from our clients has been the request to be able to share an asset via email, in the same manner as you would via the album, but for only a single asset. To that end, Brandworkz has introduced a “Share” button into the action bar to enable users to be able to do this.


New Feature: Full Screen View

Brandworkz is pleased to be releasing the Full Screen View feature. By clicking on “Full Screen” a user will be able to see the image at its largest resolution to fit the screen.

Images, documents or presentations can be presented from within Brandworkz, without the need to download as the Full Screen view also includes a presentation mode. By clicking on the slideshow icon, the user will be able to roll through a PowerPoint directly on Brandworkz in the same way as if they had downloaded it. This is a useful feature for salespeople out on the road.