Brandworkz 8.4.1 Release Notes

1. Asset publish Date

Digital assets that are uploaded to Brandworkz either directly or via a workflow can now be scheduled for publishing on a specified date. These assets will remain hidden to non-admin users until the publish day is reached. It is also possible to apply a publish date to multiple assets via the bulk edit features and to set the publish date as part of a step in a workflow.

Asset Publish Date
Asset Publish Date

2. CMS Improvements

2.1 Additional In-line Editing

Content in the quick links and carousel widgets can now be edited in-line. Within these widgets, you can edit large bodies of copy inline to see exactly how the final published page will look as you are editing. This provides a true WYSIWYG experience, as the surrounding page and page styles are reflected in the live preview. 

2.1 Minimised Side Panel

A minimised side panel in the page editing mode has been introduced to provide a quick link to all the widgets on the page and highlight any unpublished changes.

In-line editing a carousel widget
In-line editing a carousel widget

3. Security Fixes

This release contains a number of security fixes.