Brandworkz 8.4 Release Notes

1. Page Editing Experience

This release introduces a new page editing experience to the Brandworkz CMS. Providing admins with more flexibility on the CMS page design and quicker ways to manage content.

We are introducing this in an agile way to deliver value to you. There is also some migration of content involved in the new widgets. We will do this for you, but it needs to be coordinated in terms of timing, so please contact our client services team and they work with you on a plan for this.

The key features are as follows:

1.1 Visual Editing

Instantly visualise page changes as they are being made using a side panel with comprehensive editing controls.

1.2 In-line Rich Text Editing

The carousel widget brings an updated, responsive carousel slider to your page. You can have one slide as a hero or add additional slides to create a presentation loop. This is a good widget to use on the homepage to highlight key areas to direct your uses too.

Visual Editing
Visual Editing

1.3 Design Options

Additional options on the new widgets provide a high degree of flexibility on the visual look and feel. Design controls include intuitive colour pickers, sliders to control elements such as sizes, padding, border radius and dropdowns to control the placement of elements.

Design Options
Design Options

1.4 Advanced JSON Based Editing

Every new widget contains a standard JSON structure, allowing power users to quickly modify or duplicate widget configuration by copying and pasting JSON in the syntax highlighted ‘Code’ tab.

Advanced JASON based editing

2. New Widgets

2.1 Rich Text Widget

The new rich text widget includes all the page editing improvements described above, whilst still containing all of the powerful editing features in the recently updated editor. Switch to this widget for the ability to edit directly on the page.

Rich Text Widget
Rich Text Widget

2.2 Code Preview Widget

Present interactive examples of your web UI/UX brand guidelines with the live code preview widget. Code previews are easily set up by entering the HTML, CSS and/or JS for the UI element you are documenting.  If you would like this to be made available, please contact Support and we will work with you to make this live.

*IMPORTANT NOTE: The new widgets do not currently have multi-lingual capability. This will be available in 8.4.1.

Code Preview Widget
Code Preview Widget

3. Additional Features

3.1 Show Metadata for assets in Albums

As a metadata admin or sysadmin, you can now set metadata fields to be shown in albums. The metadata shows in your saved albums as well as albums you share with registered and non-registered users.

This is disabled by default and can be enabled on a per-field basis so if there are specific metadata fields you don’t want to show to non-registered users you can do so.

An admin can enable it on a metadata field by going to the metadata section and finding that field and simply ticking Yes under “Album/Share options”.

Show metadata for assets in Albums
Show metadata for assets in Albums

3.2 Find Assets with Missing Tags

As a sysadmin, you now have instant insight into which of your assets are missing mandatory tagging or have no tagging at all so you can take appropriate. Simply go to the search results page and scroll to the bottom of your facets to see the new filter.

Find assets with missing tags
Find assets with missing tags

3.3 Duplicate W2P Artwork

Ability to duplicate a previously created Web to Publish artwork. Users of Web to Publish will notice a new icon on the Web to Publish listings page, Duplicate. Handy for when you need to make several artworks that only have small differences between them.

Duplicate W2P Artwork
Duplicate W2P Artwork

3.4 Aspera Improvements

Stability and speed improvements to large upload batches via Aspera.


3.5 Image Auto-Rotation

Auto-rotation of images based on camera rotation data.


3.6 Browser support

Please note that this release sees the end of support for Internet Explorer 9 and 10. If any of your user-base are on these older browser versions you should upgrade them asap as they have not been supported by Microsoft for quite a while and have many security flaws in them.


4. Coming Soon

  • Multi-lingual capability in the above new widgets
  • Improved WordPress CMS connector (including full faceted search)
  • Drupal CMS connector
  • New Sitecore CMS connector
  • MS Office connector
  • Customisable reporting dashboards