Brandworkz 8.6.4 Release Notes

Tagging just got easier

Ensuring your assets are tagged correctly is important if you want your users to quickly find what they are after. Brandworkz 8.6.4 sees a bunch of improvements that should make this task a whole lot easier. Have you ever wanted to search for several assets and add/amend their tagging or bulk edit statuses? Now you can!

Tagging got easier

Edit metadata from search results

Users with permission to edit metadata can now access the same single and bulk edit screens seen in the DAM from the search listing page. Say, for example, you had assets over several folders all tagged with copyright that has recently changed. Now you can search for that copyright, select the assets returned and update, even if they are in different folders using different metasets. As with the DAM, users can only edit assets they have permission to edit via their group permissions.

If the selected assets are in folders with multiple different metasets, you will see a screen like below, and you can then go and do the necessary tagging in a new window for each metaset.

Multiple Metadata

Bulk Edit Asset Status

Another feature we had several requests for was the ability to change asset statuses in bulk. This has now been added to the bulk edit screen for both DAM and search.
Note that if you set a Publish Date in the future, then the status will automatically be set to Hidden.

On a related note, on the single-asset edit, end-users will now, if they set a Publish Date in the future, get an alert that lets them know that the status of the asset will be set to Hidden, and only the sysadmin will be able to see it until the publish date.

Bulk Asset Status

Improvements to AI keywording

We have made improvements to our AI Keywording in many cases generating more specific and relevant results to aid your tagging effort and enable end-users to better find what they are looking for. It will for instance recognise landmarks like monuments and will also in many cases recognise people with an online presence.

Example of current functionality prior to v8.6.4
Example of improved AI functionality in v8.6.4

Album Reporting Improvements

The last release saw the introduction of the Insights tab in reports. We’ve added a couple of new filters and some more detail to the table in this release. In the filters section, you’ll see the new Embed Activity filter.  Now you can filter down on embeds created via your portal or inserted via one of our connectors or viewed on another platform. In the Embed Details table, we’ve added details on who created the embed and what transform they used and who has been inserting via a connector and which connector they used.

Album Reporting Improvements

Custom thumbnails in search for folders and webpages + changes to default thumbnail shown

Many of you take the time to add custom thumbnails to your folders and webpages to help your end-users quickly identify the content. Up until now, those custom thumbnails were only visible in the DAM. As more and more users are ditching folder browsing in favour of searching, we’ve added those custom thumbnails to the search listing page.

We have also made changes in relation to thumbnails for folders where a custom thumbnail has not been set. Before this release, the thumbnail representing a folder would be the first one alphabetically. We have changed this to be the one uploaded most recently to that folder as we believe this is more useful for end-users.

Custom thumbnails in search for folders and webpages

Licence Alerts for Users and Storage

To better help, you manage your licence limits an alert will show up at the top of the main Settings page if you are getting close to or have exceeded your licence limits.

Licence Alerts for Users and Storage

New Image Transcoder

We have completely rebuilt our Image Transcoder from the ground up. This is used both for generating thumbnails and previews of images and other filetypes uploaded as well as providing end-users with the ability to transform to different formats, sizes, etc on download.

This will give the following benefits:

  • Very little queuing/latency in generating previews when uploading large batches of files
  • Increased stability in uploads, especially when uploading hundreds of files

Note that this is something we will enable on a client-by-client basis over the coming weeks to ensure that the huge variety of files we host for you will continue to have accurate previews. There won’t be a change in the UI just a more stable system and very little delays in generating thumbnails once we have enabled it.

Bug fixes

  • Issue when bulk editing metadata if the metadata field had a tooltip and that tooltip contained special characters
  • Security fixes to the registration form
  • On the DAM Insights page certain external URLs – e.g. non-roman URLs – would break the listing of external sites an asset is used on
  • If you are using the Vertical Intro Scroller on the homepage for shown to users immediately after login, clicking the “Don’t show again” button would not always result in the scroller going away for end-users permanently, this is now the case (unless they move to a different computer or clears their cookies)
  • Stop auto-completion of the username and password on the Admin User Creation/Modify screen, as certain web browsers or password management plugins like LastPass would fill this in with the admin’s own credentials (note that some password managers will overrule this functionality)
  • End-user password reset: Not possible to enter some passwords even though they adhered to the stated complexity rules if certain special characters were used
  • Workflow:
    • Save button on workflow forms not saving after first iteration
    • Some mandatory workflow form fields not enforced (date and select/dropdown fields)
    • If a workflow form was filled in by an end-user and submitted without the Workflow Members being selected, then the entered data would be lost