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As a marketer, do you want to manage and share accurate, multi-channel content at every stage of the customer journey while enhancing your brand?

You need a digital asset management solution of course, but on its own it is not enough to achieve the above.

You need MORE than just digital asset management! The answer is total brand marketing management

And that’s exactly what Brandworkz offers. You get an industry-leading digital asset management system integrated with CMS Brand Guidelines and Brand Showcase alongside an on-brand UI and simple, intuitive interface, making it the only choice for marketers.

With Brandworkz you manage your entire brand, you don’t just manage your assets.

Brandworkz can change the way you manage your digital assets and your brand. See how in the video below.



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Brandworkz Digital Asset Management Features:

Store and Manage

With Brandworkz you have the ability to store, manage and share all your brand images, videos, sales documents, marketing materials and promotional products from one online digital asset management system. Brandworkz give you the tools to easily and effectively manage your brand.


Simple Drag and Drop

It  is as easy as it gets uploading your digital assets to Brandworkz DAM. Whether you are adding individual assets or importing them in bulk, Brandworkz makes it a simple and intutive task. All you need to do is find your assets, drag them into the HTML5 uploader and sit back as they are ingested. It’s as easy as that.


All Files Welcome

You can store almost any type of digital file all in one place with Brandworkz. Your images, videos, MS Office and Adobe design files will be stored in one cloud based system that your whole team can access from any web browser. Also Brandworkz will automatically generate a visual preview for any file uploaded.


Asset Alerting

With Brandworkz you and your users can get automatic alerts from within the system. When new asserts are added to the system you and your team will be alerted so they never miss the latest marketing materials. You can also subscribe to assets stored in the system so when a new version of the asset is upload you wont be left behind.


Edit Images within Brandworkz

Your brand and marketing team will no longer require expensive third party software to make basic changes to images. Brandworkz allows you to crop, change the file type, reduce the file size and add a watermark to any digital image within the DAM system.RBR-DAM1

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Organise and Search

Organise all your digital assets into a structure that is easily understood and simple to navigate, making it easy to find what you are looking for, and a joy to discover new assets within your DAM system.



Brandworkz unique deduplication feature will help clean up your digital asset management database of all duplicate assets and stop the same assets being reimported.


Related Assets

Sometimes you will want to relate two assets so your end users can find the association and download both assets as required. This creates an interlinked system where specific user journeys are mapped out.


Folder Structure

Brandworkz DAM software is completely customisable. You can create and customise folders to divide your media into as many sperate categories as you require. If you are responsible for managing multiple brands you can specific sections for each brand and match your groups and permissions accordingly.


Metadata Management

With Brandworkz you can create as many fully customised metasets as you require. These will make it as easy as possible for your end-users to search for and discover digital assets.


Automatic Metadata Extraction

Brandworkz will automatically extract IPTC and EXIF data from your digital assets when they are imported to make metadata management easier.


Search Functionality

The Brandworkz powerful intuitive search engine indexes the full text of documents and all tags/keywords. The document text, tags and keywords can be used with other search options to find any digital asset.Icebreaker-DAM

Review, Share and Download

Download your assets in any format you want from any browser, share your assets with users from outside the system without compromising the security and place assets on third party software with our integrations.



Brandworkz CMIS integration allows you to store only one version of all your digital files which can be shared directly to your CMS or other marketing applications, reducing the amount of time, money and effort needed to maintain all your digital assets.


Sharing your assets is caring for your assets

Share your digital assets directly from within Brandworkz with our CMIS integration. CMIS integration allows you to share assets straight to social media sites, your website CMS and other marketing applications, reducing the need to duplicate your assets in multiple locations.


One Master Artwork to Rule Them All

Brandworkz will transcode any image or video into multiple formats and resolutions so you need only store one master version of your assets in the digital asset management system.


Preview any asset from your browser

Digital asset management by Brandworkz automatically generates a unique thumbnail for every single asset uploaded to the site. So you will no longer need to download and open every asset to find what you are looking for.Golds-Gym-DAM

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