Digital Asset Management

Digital Asset Management

Store, manage, share, distribute and update all your digital assets from one online location with Brandworkz digital asset management. It’s dynamic, efficient, easy to use. Managing your digital assets efficiently saves time and money.

Your logos, images, videos, sales documents, marketing materials and presentations are stored centrally with thumbnail previews for your marketing, sales teams and other internal teams to access via any web browser 24/7.

digital asset management

Red Bull Racing DAM System


With Brandworkz digital asset management your brand, marketing and sales teams will get the tools they need to maximise the value of your digital assets and improve your brand consistency.


Brandworkz has a number of features and benefits that you can read below:


Digital asset management features

  • Easy upload/download

    In Brandworkz you have the option to upload and download file individually, in bulk or zipped up. This makes downloading and uploading from Brandworkz quick and efficient. Brandworkz digital asset management features a new HTML 5 uploader which allows you to drag and drop files straight from your desktop. FTP uploading is also available for initial site population.

  • Advanced search

    Digital asset management from Brandworkz features industry leading text and keyword search functionality. The powerful search gives you the ability to locate any of your digital assets easily.
    Brandworkz also makes it easier to discover new assets and artwork because our software indexes both the full text of the document as well as all the keywords and tags.

  • Logo finder

    The Logo Finder within Brandworkz is designed to ensure you get the right logo in the correct format every time. The Logo Finder ‘decision tree’ is made up of a number of simple non-technical questions which help your users download the correct permutation of your logo or artwork. Logo Finder will avoid the wrong logo being used in an incorrect situation which can cause a negative perception of your brand.

  • Multiple file types

    With Brandworkz digital asset management you can store almost any type of video, image, document or graphic file. Our DAM system also generates unique thumbnail previews for each file added to Brandworkz. Users of Brandworkz can choose from multiple different download options to get the image or file in the correct size and format that meets their needs.

  • Image and video transcoding

    Brandworkz stores one single master of your image and video files which are then transcoded into multiple formats and resolutions to suit your needs. Our video library also has an inbuilt video player for previewing your videos straight from your browser. Brandworkz 6.2 now features improved video transcoding and a larger video preview window.

  • Edit images within Brandworkz

    Brandworkz gives your teams the ability to edit your images from within your web browser without the need for any expensive 3rd party software or application. With our digital asset management system one single master copy of your image can be converted into multiple different formats and sizes without the need for any technical knowledge.

  • Brandworkz Content Delivery Network

    Brandworkz digital asset management uses Content Delivery Network (CDN) integration to improve download performance and scalability of your system around the world. With Brandworkz your teams around the world can get access to and download your latest digital assets with improved performance and availability.

  • Get alerts for new asset versions

    Brandworkz allows you to create auto alerts for new versions of digital assets that you may have previously downloaded. This will allow you to always have the most up-to-date materials and remain brand consistent. Brandworkz auto alerts can be set-up for all digital assets including images, videos, artworks and sales presentations.

  • CMIS integration with other marketing platforms

    Brandworkz digital asset management uses the CMIS connector. This allows Brandworkz to integrate with and share content directly with content management systems, CRM systems and marketing automation platforms. With CMIS you need only store one version of all your digital assets, reducing the amount of time, money and effort needed to maintain all your digital assets.

  • New large asset preview

    Brandworkz features large asset preview windows, so you can see the asset in high quality without having to go into full screen mode. You can scroll through pages of a pdf document to ensure you have the correct document before downloading. You can also view Excel spreadsheets, Word documents and PowerPoint presentations straight from within your browser. See our new large asset preview below.

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Large asset preview in Brandworkz

Large asset preview in Brandworkz 6.2


Benefits of digital asset management

  • All your digital assets in one online DAM system.

    Brandworkz digital asset management can help you stop the bad business practice of storing digital assets in multiple locations such as USB sticks, local machines, external hard drives and shared or network drives. These practices can make it very difficulty to manage all of your digital assets and can result in assets being lost, duplicated or overlooked.

  • Save time, money and effort looking for and distributing assets.

    With an online digital asset management system you can provide your users with 24/7 access to all your digital assets, reducing the number of individual asset requests you receive from your marketing teams and get your marketing communications out to the market quicker.

  • You will be more productive with Brandworkz digital asset management.

    Your marketing department only has finite time and resources. You can maximise these valuable resources by encouraging your marketing, editorial and design teams to use your DAM system for approved assets. This will reduce the number of manual requests received by your brand and marketing team and improve your overall productivity.


Aetna digital asset management

Aetna Brand Center


  • Store only core assets; let Brandworkz do the hard work.

    With Brandworkz all you need to do is upload one high-res version of your digital asset and the system automatically generates the format you require ready to be downloaded or shared. So you will no longer need multiple versions of the same assets in different formats.

  • Restrict who sees what in Brandworkz.

    Brandworkz takes the security of your digital assets seriously, that is why our platform is a permission-based system. Access to your digital assets is tailored to your requirements which means that your users only see what you want them to see, keeping sensitive artwork and files confidential and secure in our digital asset management.

  • Love your logos.

    The Brandworkz Logo Finder feature is designed to ensure your logos are treated with the respect they deserve. Get all your logos available in the correct format with just a couple of clicks. Stop wasting time fulfilling requests for logos in a certain size and format, let your users help themselves to the correct logo in the right format every time.

  • Brandworkz is the central content hub in your marketing operations.

    Brandworkz integrates with all of your other marketing platforms. This means that all of your marketing materials and digital assets can be shared automatically with your other marketing systems. This integration will reduce the amount of duplication across multiple systems and improve your ability to audit how your digital assets are uses.

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Digital Asset Management for JLL

JLL DAM System


Brandworkz gives you and your marketing team the tools they need to manage all your digital assets and allow you to maximise their value while straying on-brand.


Request a demo today to see how Brandworkz can help you manage your digital assets, improve your brand consistency and increase your marketing efficiency.


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