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The rise of the hybrid workplace means that businesses are having to deal with more geographically spread out teams than ever before. This can cause problems for brand consistency and workflow efficiency. Communication of ideas and brand standards can suffer. Costs can soar. Teams can fall out of sync. All of these concerns are solved with one simple solution: Brandworkz Brand Management Software.

Get insights into your workflows

Disparate marketing teams can feel disjointed. Brand and Marketing managers need to see when and how content is being used, and to understand marketing successes. So up-to-date reports are a lifeline for remote and hybrid project management.

Brandworkz Reporting & Analytics provides you with in-depth insight into which teams are using what. Track everything from individual file downloads to wider content distribution, and spot which assets provide the best ROI.

Get your teams up to speed

Your teams deserve to know what makes your brand special and how to reflect that in the work they do — no matter where they are or who and what they’re working with. If brand education is thorough, your teams can self-serve branding queries and create content confidently, saving you time and resources.

Within Brandworkz, every team can see how their work should fit into the wider brand image. The question of ‘What does good look like?’ is answered by our unified, searchable, editable Brand Guidelines and Showcase modules.

Streamline access to your brand assets

Your teams need fast, seamless connections to approved, on-brand content. Without them you run the risk of brand inconsistency.

The Brandworkz Digital Asset Management system (DAM) centralises assets and resources that are shared by everyone. Users can access marketing materials, images, graphics, and more, simultaneously, wherever they are. With a central asset hub, users can annotate and discuss direction within the document, which enhances collaborative working, even long-distance.

Build workflows that go the distance

If you can’t get in touch with your teams immediately, then you need a new, digital means of keeping every task on track.

Brandworkz builds essential bridges between your marketers with customisable workflows that reflect your approval networks and day-to-day processes. Harness the power of centralised automation to minimise your manual task admin.

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Brandworkz combines powerful Digital Asset Management and next-level integrations for a single source of truth where users can store, manage, share, and create brand assets.