Reporting & Analysis

Get valuable insights about how your teams use your brand assets with brand reporting software

Every interaction in your Brandworkz system is recorded and can be reported on, giving you total visibility.

Tune your brand management system for maximum efficiency with Brandworkz Reporting & Analysis.

Customisable charts and tables give a detailed picture of how assets, templates and downloads are being used, who is logging in when, and which content they are using, helping you manage your brand better.

What can Brandworkz Reporting & Analysis do for you?

Reporting feeds back into the system

Sharing insights will help you get maximum returns on your investment for each asset, ensuring your investment in marketing materials, templates and the system itself is justified.

Reports customised to your needs

You can customise the data you need, creating reports to analyse usage and access frequency and show who is downloading what.

Visual Reporting

The data analysis is presented as coloured charts and graphs. You can click on any information in a chart to drill down into the data.

See the fruits of your labour

Reporting & Analysis within your brand management software helps you see what impact the software is having and where to fine-tune your use of assets, templates and downloads to improve performance even more. It provides an audit trail and analytics on brand and marketing activities.

Promote the best assets and content

By knowing how often each asset is used in digital asset management, you can see which assets work best and promote any assets that are being under-utilised.

See what’s hot and what’s not

Brandworkz reports are almost limitless and can generate the reports you need to understand what’s happening with your brand, marketing and content, ensuring brand consistency.

Maximise efficiency
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