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Higher education deserves higher brand consistency

Marketers in the higher education sector face a unique set of challenges not seen in many other sectors. Take universities, for example; they can market their product to prospective students for two years or more, both locally and overseas, before deciding where to attend. This is a considerable brand consistency challenge.

Brandworkz Brand Management Software for Higher Education is designed to produce all the content required by each department, faculty and course in a timely and cost-efficient process, without requiring a degree in astrophysics. It’s time you take back brand control today!

How Brandworkz empowers education

The volume of content

Universities and colleges produce a truly huge amount of content. With hundreds of courses delivered across different medias, maintaining consistency is a business critical challenge.

Brandworkz Brand Management Software for Higher Education can help! Our education clients centralise all their approved marketing materials online and ensure consistency with our brand guidelines software so different faculties and teams can help themselves and central marketing can rest assured that everything is on brand.


Design bottlenecks unblocked

With so much content and materials to be created and updated, you would needa hugee team of designers to get through the workload. Unfortunatel,y budgets rarely allow that to happen.

Brandworkz Brand Management Software for HigherEducationn can help! Our Digital and Print templates allow non-designers to create beautiful looking on brand course materials simply and quickly, freeing up designers’ time to work on more important jobs.

One source of truth

Your course content can be created in one place but is needed in many others to create marketing materials. This is a recipe for a brand consistency disaster and is a tremendous amount of work to maintain.

Brandworkz Brand Management Software for Higher Education can help! Brandworkz can pull content from your CMS and auto-populate it into Digital & Print templates for course brochures and materials, delivering you one source of truth for all your content. You can also receive reports and insights about how your content is used with brand reporting software.

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Higher education deserves higher brand consistency

Find out how the University of Greenwich improved their brand consistency, reduced their marketing costs and improved their time to market with one piece of MarTech.


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Brandworkz combines powerful Digital Asset Management and next-level integrations for a single source of truth where users can store, manage, share, and create brand assets.

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