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We are seeing significant time-saving, improved access for everyone and better sharing of assets between the HQs. As a global organisation we have really great content and really amazing stories from our projects and programmes and we want everyone to be able to share and use them.
Lucy ShaverinCreative Content Manager, Action Against Hunger
The Brandworkz team are very helpful and knowledgeable and have walked us through the whole implementation process with a lot of patience and understanding. The software itself does everything we need it to do and more – its simple to use, but looks very impressive and makes things much easier for the end user as everything is very visual. We also know that the team at Brandworkz are always there to help, learn from their clients and find even more ways to improve the software, which is all you can ask for.
Alex CottonMarketing Services Manager, Dr. Martens
We have seen many major benefits after integrating Brandworkz into our MarTech stack. We share our brand assets with several international partners and by giving them access to Brandworkz, we have greatly reduced the amount of time and resources needed to manage these requests.
Anthony WardMarketing Director, Expo 2020 Dubai
Feedback has been really, really positive – our users can find exactly what they need. The usage statistics alone prove it, and the number of requests to the marketing team for materials has gone down markedly over a short period of time. We used to get up to ten inquiries or image requests every day – now it’s down to fewer than five a week.
Andy MinnsMarketing Communications Manager, Mitsubishi Motors
The Transitions Hub is a high priority in our business because it is a sales enabler and brand builder. The intuitive, on-brand user interface is ideal for our users who are mostly non-technical and simply want brand access and training as quickly as possible.
Chris KingGlobal Marketing Manager, Transitions Optical
Brandworkz is a very flexible and configurable brand management platform which we have been able to style visually to reflect our visual brand image.
Tom ChapmanBrand Manager, Expo 2020 Dubai
What has kept our relationship strong with Brandworkz is the team behind the work. They’ve always been so prompt with their responses and they’ve always been so eager to solve our problems. They’re always trying to improve not only SOUP but their relationship with us.
Kallinthi AlexopoulouGlobal Production Coordinator, NBCUniversal
Brandworkz has really nice people. We’ve always been met with a positive attitude and people who could solve our problems. Often times when you’ve signed the contract with a technology company you get the feeling that now you are kind of on your own but here there is a good relationship and we get really good support.
Thomas BarkerDigital Marketing Manager, CULT
Brandworkz is intuitive and adaptable to our current needs across many departments. The ability to add value and continue to support foreseeable changes in our business processes in the future gives us confidence that we have partnered with a progressive and forward thinking supplier.
Evonne MartinBrand Asset Manager, Dr. Martens
Our Brandworkz site, Brand Matters, is a great resource as it streamlines where colleagues are accessing brand information. It’s saved us masses of time by trimming the non-essential requests. For example Logo Finder is a great tool and Brandworkz was the only vendor we saw with that capability.
Chris LawsonCreative Service Project Manager, Aon
Brandworkz is amazing – it’s just saved me so much time! I’ve always had trouble moving images to iPads, and it’s just solved that problem for me.
Stella NorrisCommercial Assistant, Wrightson and Platt
We were impressed by the sheer usability of Brandworkz compared with other vendors. The interface was modern and up to date and Brandworkz also had many other features we were looking for.
Sara PierrepontDesign Manager, Aon
Brandworkz is a fantastic tool and provides many benefits to our business, since the launch of Brandworkz in our organisation we have found all users have taken to the portal extremely well and can now successfully source all of the information needed.
Sophie WilkinsMarketing Manager, TDSi
Brandworkz was very good at advising on what we needed; we felt we were guided through the process well.
Jackie FarrellyEuropean Product Communications Manager, Brother
It’s been a pleasure working with Brandworkz. I’ve gotten a great service, quick answers and even when there were things I didn’t understand I got it explained with patience. It has been really great.
Katrine KlitgaardOnline Marketing Coordinator, CULT
Brandworkz has solved so many problems for us!
Alison MartinCommercial Director, Wrightson & Platt
Analysis of the most downloaded images and videos from the Brand Centre in its first year of use has helped us identify which of the Canary Islands products and destinations have the most competitive potential. This information guides us on planning the tactics and marketing strategies for different promotional platforms in order to differentiate ourselves from our competitor destinations.
Sara SanchezProjects Director, Promotur Turismo de Canarias
We won over our users as soon as we launched the Brandworkz system. People enjoy discovering the wealth of assets we have, as well as sharing their own. The system is truly a time saver.
Francesca PuglisiGlobal Marketing Manager, Transitions Optical Inc.
With Brandworkz, the chance of user error in marketing production approval is hugely reduced and the time and effort required to gain approval for documents in what is a heavily regulated industry has also been minimised.
Cole WalkerMarketing Operations Manager, Rathbones
The Brandworkz brand management platform has helped us strengthen brand consistency, create an engaging customer experience, align and educate employees and build a strong corporate brand.
Senior Manager Corporate CommunicationsA Global Animal Health Pharmaceutical Company
One of the powerful tools which helps businesses in taking control of their digital assets. Over the years we have seen how the system has kept pace with the ever evolving digital world and really appreciate how Brandworkz introduce new features at the right moment.
Sunil KathuriaBusiness Solutions Manager, MS Digital Technologies
Overall we are very happy with the platform which has been nicely manipulated to fit to our requirements as they evolve. The team provide good support and a helpful approach to getting any problems resolved. The system has always been pro-active in terms of updating technologies and user experience.
Wade BaylissAssociate Director Global Marketing, JLL
A simple but very effective user interface backed up by an equally simple administration interface mean I can adapt the platform to meet a wide range of consumer needs. A very reliable system that allows me to get on with other aspects of my work, confident in the knowledge that controlled access to brand assets is taken care of.
Andy MackayBrand Manager, The Army
Brandworkz have been great to work with from the outset. The staff were supportive at every stage of the process, helping us to plan our approach and design a tool that was a perfect fit for our organisation. The Brandworkz team were invaluable when it came to integrating the site with our existing IT infrastructures.
Kirstie GregoCase Study Officer, Not-for-profit Sector
Brandworkz provides great quality of customer service. Any issues submitted or presented have been handled accordingly and in a timely manner. Brandworkz proactively engages with us when necessary.
Financial Services Client
Our people have been blown away by this system. They’re very impressed by the way Brand Center is changing the way franchisees interact with the brand and use the marketing materials. We can’t praise it highly enough.
David ReismannMarketing Director, Gold’s Gym
The Country Staff are SOOOO excited about the Brand Center! They’ve never had a resource like this in the past. We are busy getting all of our 39 countries activated on the site.
Tona RowettMarketing Manager, Enactus
Our people around the world are impressed at the simplicity and logic in using the Brand Management System.
Philip SmartBrand & Media Manager, Cobham PLC
The Station, built with Brandworkz technology, is a major part of making our marketing strategy a success, providing full brand and digital asset management as well as web-to-print technology to all our marketing and sales people. As a one-stop brand experience it is second to none!
Rachel SchnurbuschGlobal Marketing Operations Manager, Icebreaker
We had a very clear idea of what we wanted and, as with everything in Formula One, extremely demanding requirements. In the end it was obvious that only Brandworkz could offer us the features and the flexibility that we insisted on. The sponsors, as much as anyone, are very impressed with the increased public profile the system has given us. Brandworkz lives up to their sales pitch and the support has been incomparable.
David GrangerRed Bull F1 Racing
Much more than a logo, our brand describes who we are. Naturally then, we must do everything we can to drive home our understanding of this concept. The fact that the improved brand site is such an important part of that effort is evidence not only of Brandworkz’s technical ability and professionalism but also of their deep understanding of the role of online resources in strategic brand management.
Ian LoudenHead of Brand, ArcelorMittal
We examined several different products but, for its robustness, flexibility, configurability and, not least, value for money, Brandworkz was the unanimous choice. We are often asked to provide images to scholars and students, as well as to publishers, film and television companies and private individuals. The acquisition of Brandworkz makes this process much easier, allowing us to keep track of our digital assets and to retrieve them quickly and easily.
Hugh CahillKings College London
As a technical consultant, I was appointed to fully manage and implement a DAM solution internally on behalf of the Design Council, London. Brandworkz ensured that the project stayed on course even when the timeline did creep from the initial scope. Their forward thinking, diligence and experience anticipated potential issues and assisted by appointing additional resources during the lifecycle of the project beyond a pre-sales role to ensure that the requirements were delivered thus increasing the overall strategic value of the project. The SaaS model product on offer from Brandworkz is impressive and fulfilled all the criteria requested.
Paul ReynoldsShoebox Digital Limited on behalf of the Design Council

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