Our philosophy

We believe that when marketers can influence their whole company to understand the brand promise, their customers get an exceptional brand experience

We are in the midst of a revolution in the practice of marketing. There are dramatic changes in customer behaviour. Customers are increasingly dictating the agenda when it comes to interacting with companies and products, and there are rapidly increasing media channels and proliferating content. Exceptional experiences are now your best competitive advantage.

Achieving high brand alignment internally across departments has clear benefits:

  • A consistent customer experience is delivered by the workforce to customers
  • Employees are more productive, engaged and inspired by the brand


Achieving brand differentiation externally through marketing has clear benefits:

  • Customers receive a consistent experience of your brand at every interaction
  • Existing customers will not switch to competitors because they ‘belong’
  • Potential customers understand clearly how you are different from the competition – and if your positioning resonates with their beliefs they will buy from you


Our Vision

We believe that organisations can significantly increase the power of their brands, the experience their customers get and therefore their business success by communicating their core message consistently through everything they do. We are in business to make this a reality.


Our Mission

To be the first company to make it easy for marketers to create a deep understanding of their brand amongst their workforce internally, by providing inventively simple, quality brand asset management software.


Our Values

  • Inventive simplicity
  • Striving for quality
  • Client focus


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