Brandworkz Team

Brandworkz new starter, James Seabrook

Brandworkz is excited to announce we’ve added another member to the team. Meet James Seabrook. He is our newest Front End Developer. James is our go to man for skinning sites, adding the company colours, logos, fonts and other brand elements. As we offer bespoke look and feel to all our clients he is quite busy. He’s also working on improving the overall user experience of the Brandworkz brand management software. Any of the new user experience features in the new releases are all thanks to the front end team.

Besides being our skinning man, James is also currently working on building a new skinning tool which will allow the client to skin their own website. I’ve had a little play on the new tool. It’s pretty cool and very easy to use. I skinned a site and I have zero clue about HTML code.

Like any good employee James is working towards his own redundancy with this project, but don’t worry I’m sure we will find new tasks for him to do. Outside of Brandworkz, James describes himself as a family man. He’s from the little village of Croxley Green, near Watford. He spends his weekends with his two young children and is getting married in a few weeks’ time. He enjoys building garden furniture out of recycled wood and likes to DJ funky house and breaks in and around London.

He says he doesn’t have an interesting fact, but says he was once part of a team that spent the summer rebuilding an old spitfire only for the pilot to stall and cartwheel it on take-off destroying it beyond repair… It survived the 2nd world war, but couldn’t survive in its second life. RIP spitfire.


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