Brandworkz webinar: Increase the Power of your Brand and Marketing Communications

On Friday, November 14th, Brandworkz hosted part two of a three part webinar series looking at the challenges marketers face in the digital era. This webinar was called, How to get any third party to communicate your brand consistently. In a poll of marketers we found that 88% of marketers agree this is something that they struggle with.

Brandworkz CEO, Jens Lundgaard, shared client case studies that looked at how to get third parties to communicate your brand consistently. He shared JLL and Transitions Optical who all have a similar yet different story of getting all their global teams, partners, distributors, etc. on the same page of the book. Jens also shared tips, tricks and takeaways on how to get your third parties to communicate your brand consistently when you don’t have a brand management site, but also ways to get budget and sign off for a system.

You can learn more about these key takeaways by viewing the webinar below or you can view the slides from the webinar by clicking here.