Brandworkz to unveil latest software release Version 5.0 at TFM&A

The latest edition of Brandworkz, Version 5.0 is to be revealed at marketing technology exhibition, TFM&A at Earls Court 2, London on 28 & 29 February.

Brandworkz Brand Management Software technology is further strengthened with this major release. Brandworkz version 5.0 gives brand and marketing managers more tools than ever before to manage their brands efficiently, increase brand consistency and grow their businesses. With new features integrated with existing modules in the software such as Digital Asset Management, the package is now second to none.


Powerful new features include:


Web-to-Publish automates the creation of on-brand marketing materials. Templates with updatable fields for text and/or images are created in InDesign® and uploaded to Brandworkz. These can be accessed by users in the field or marketing teams in different locations and localised to suit their requirements quickly and efficiently. A central marketing team or manager controls what is being produced because the parts of the template which can be updated or changed are pre-defined. Finished artwork is generated as a print-ready pdf.


Workflow & Approval

Workflow & Approval allows marketing managers to oversee and manage multiple marketing production projects. A clear dashboard shows timings and milestones involving one or multiple teams and external suppliers at a glance. Projects are tracked from brief to completion and every team member knows what needs to be done, when. The audit trail and reporting feature allows managers to see where, when and why projects are delayed allowing for improvements in production process.


Document Tracking Alerts

The Brandworkz document tracking alert system keeps users of the system informed when important documents in Brandworkz are changed or updated. Users receive a notification informing them of changes in best practice or brand guidelines.

Jens Lundgaard, Founder & CEO of Brandworkz says “Brandworkz version 5.0 has been developed to give marketing and brand managers the best suite of tools available to improve brand management and grow their brands. Brand consistency and efficiency are measurably increased with Web-to-Print because marketing materials can be created fast, yet remain on-brand. Using Workflow and Approval means you get your brand communications to market quicker because production processes can be speeded up just by understanding where the bottle-necks are and why they are happening. The Document Tracking Alerts aim to keeps all staff singing off the same hymn sheet by encouraging greater understanding of the brand by its users, resulting in better brand consistency.”

We will be demoing Brandworkz version 5.0 at TFM&A at Earls Court 2 in London on 28 & 29 February. Please drop by stand C39 and we’ll be happy to show you the new features in Brandworkz version 5.0.