Brand Management

Brandworkz Announces Several New Live Client Sites

Brandworkz has recently had several client sites go live. Have a look below at a few of the new sites for both new and existing clients.


Ally Financial

Ally Financial is an online bank and automobile financing company based in the USA. They have gone live with Digital Asset Management and will be rolling out additional modules over the coming months.

The site boasts our new features of Asset Alerting (users are alerted weekly of the new items in the platform and those which are expiring) and download reason reporting (users must state why they are downloading an asset) as part of their platform. These are important features for marketers in heavily regulated industries.


Toro Rosso and Red Bull

A new season and a new challenge with our Red Bull Racing partners. The whole site has been upgraded to the latest version of Brandworkz and means all future upgrades can happen smoothly and easily.



The Chartered Institute of Marketing is a new Brandworkz client. This is a significant feather in our cap to have the premier Marketing body in the UK as our client as we transition towards becoming the content hub of a company’s brand and marketing ecosystem. Our relationship with the CIM also means that we are receiving lots of expert help to ensure that their value is extended beyond name and money and into maximising the excellent work that we are doing at the minute.

They have been live for a few weeks now and there are hundreds of users already signed up. They are a large body and the potential to continue working with them is a great prospect for us.



TDSI is one of the UK’s leading suppliers of building security systems, offering an extensive range of readers, controllers and software systems. TDSi has launched with digital asset management and is using Brandworkz for sales and partner enablement. The marketing team are centralising sales and marketing materials meaning their worldwide network of channel partners and sales have access to approved, up to date materials 24/7. Additionally, dealers will be able to personalise brochures and add their identity to standard TDSi materials from within the system.