Digital Asset Management

Manage Your Digital Assets More Efficiently With Brandworkz

Brandworkz Digital Asset Management (DAM) system revolutionizes how you control the content that defines your brand. This system is not just a repository; it integrates tightly with all Brandworkz modules and many third-party MarTech apps, creating a seamless brand and marketing management flow.

World-Class File Support

Brandworkz goes beyond handling basic photos and videos. Our DAM system is engineered to manage various complex file types efficiently. From multi-gigabyte 4K videos to intricate Photoshop files and new formats like Sketch and Adobe XD, Brandworkz ensures reliable previews and uploads without the limitations often found in other systems.

Great Search Means Great Tagging

A powerful search function is crucial in any DAM system. If users need help finding what they need, the return on your DAM investment diminishes. Brandworkz excels in this area by focusing on exceptional tagging capabilities. While fully automated tagging isn’t yet possible with AI technologies, Brandworkz enhances generic auto-tagging by generating more precise keywords. This capability is complemented by rich manual tagging options, integration with workflows for enforced tagging on uploads, Getty Images integration, and multi-language support using Google Translate.

Unified Search Across Modules

Brandworkz doesn’t limit its search capabilities to the DAM module alone. Our search functionality extends across all modules—including Workflows, Brand Guidelines, Templates, and User Generated Artwork—providing a unified search experience that enhances productivity and user satisfaction. This comprehensive approach is supported by robust admin reporting tools to monitor search behavior and optimize asset tagging and retrieval.

Dedicated to Your Brand’s Visibility

Our unique Logo Finder tool exemplifies our commitment to brand consistency. It simplifies obtaining the correct logo in the proper format every time. Whether dealing with multi-brand complexities or co-branding challenges, all your logos are managed efficiently in one place. Updating and sharing logos is straightforward, ensuring your brand remains current and correctly represented across all touchpoints.

Safe and Secure Storage

Security is paramount in digital asset management. With Brandworkz, you can rest assured that your marketing collateral is safe. Our system has maintained zero data loss in over 20 years of operation. We are ISO 27001 certified and regularly audited externally, and our security measures include comprehensive penetration testing and vulnerability scanning. Our files are backed up in near real-time in triplicate and stored across separate geographical regions to ensure maximum reliability and security. Brandworkz also supports Single Sign-On (SSO) capability, streamlining access while maintaining strict security standards.

More Than Just Digital Asset Management

Brandworkz DAM is about more than just storing and managing digital files. Our platform simultaneously supports simple drag-and-drop uploads for up to 1,000 files, preserving the original folder structure. Our partnership with AWS accelerates uploads and CDN downloads, ensuring quick access to large files, including those up to 30GB. The system provides accurate visual previews for various file formats and supports advanced image and video transformation capabilities. This means you can easily adjust files to the format, resolution, or crop you need directly within the platform.

Efficient Asset Sharing and Management

Brandworkz simplifies sharing and managing digital assets. You can securely share files with internal teams and external partners, manage asset consent, and organize related assets to create organized collections. Control over asset access is refined through settings for embargoes, expiries, and download options, ensuring users access only the files intended for them.


With Brandworkz DAM, managing digital assets becomes streamlined, secure, and efficient. Our comprehensive features save time and enhance your brand’s integrity across all marketing and communication channels. Discover the power of efficient digital asset management with Brandworkz, and see how our system can transform your brand management workflow.