Brand Management

Smart Brand Management: Create On-Brand Artwork from Templates in Seconds

In today’s fast-paced marketing environment, efficiency and brand consistency are critical. Brandworkz introduces a revolutionary way to maintain these standards through its Digital & Print Templates feature. This powerful tool enables marketing teams, sales partners, overseas divisions, franchisees, and various departments to create localized, on-brand artwork within seconds, dramatically reducing time, money, and resources typically spent on manual, low-level artwork changes.

Effortless Localization and Customization

Brandworkz Digital & Print Templates empower users to produce consistent, on-brand marketing materials quickly. Preconfigured and approved dynamic templates can be localized directly within Brandworkz, meeting the tightest deadlines while ensuring brand consistency. This feature is a game-changer for organizations requiring frequent marketing material updates to cater to different markets or segments.

Simplicity and Accessibility for All

One of the standout features of Brandworkz Digital & Print Templates is its simplicity. Users who need design skills or access to expensive third-party design software can now generate marketing materials using the intuitive WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor. This user-friendly tool allows for the customization or localization of marketing artwork in minutes, not hours, democratizing the design process across the organization.

Streamlined Order Management

Beyond creation, Brandworkz facilitates the seamless order management of marketing materials. The integration with the Ordering Widget means users can place orders for marketing materials immediately after completing their edits. This integration streamlines the production process, from creation to distribution, ensuring that materials are produced and delivered efficiently.

Reducing Requests and Empowering Teams

By leveraging Brandworkz Digital & Print Templates, organizations can significantly reduce the number of requests from local teams for on-brand localized marketing materials. This autonomy allows users to create materials as needed, freeing valuable time for the central marketing team and empowering local teams to respond quickly to their market’s needs.

Diverse Customization Options

Brandworkz Digital & Print Templates offer various customization options to meet exact marketing needs. From adding QR codes to choosing between bleed or no-bleed options and producing digital or printable artworks, the platform accommodates various marketing requirements. This flexibility ensures that marketing material, whether for banner ads, flyers, stationery, or posters, can be tailored to specific needs while maintaining brand integrity.

Localizing with Precision

A key benefit of Brandworkz’s solution is the ability to localize marketing materials for multiple locations from a single piece of artwork. This capability allows for translating artworks into numerous languages and adjusting contact details to suit local needs, all while staying aligned with overarching brand guidelines.

Seamless Integration with Approval Workflows

Brandworkz Digital & Print Templates can be integrated with the platform’s Approval Workflow module to enhance efficiency and compliance further. This connection ensures that all customized artwork undergoes a thorough approval process, maintaining brand consistency and legal compliance across all materials.


Brandworkz Digital & Print Templates revolutionize how organizations manage and produce marketing materials. By streamlining the creation process, providing a wide range of customization options, and ensuring that all materials adhere to brand guidelines, Brandworkz empowers businesses to operate more efficiently and effectively. Discover the simplicity and power of Brandworkz workflows with a demo today and see how you can transform your brand management processes, ensuring that every piece of artwork counts and contributes to your brand’s success and coherence.