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Brand consistency applies to behaviour as much as identity

We’ve just read an enlightening piece in Campaign Magazine about a piece of research that digital agency Iris has recently published. Called the Participation Index, it is a way of understanding the levers that successful modern brands are using to capture the hearts and minds of consumers in the age of participation.

Iris surveyed 14,000 global consumers (3,000 in the UK) across multiple sectors to understand how they respond to the brand-building strategies employed by 50 leading brands.

The piece that held the most resonance with me was about the most disruptive FMCG brands; not a category usually associated with massive innovation or disruption.

The research found two small brands in the snacking sector that, despite their size, are considered by consumers as having all the right ingredients for success in the participation era; Propercorn and Vita Coco.

In the Campaign article by Iris executive planning director, Ben Essen, he says:

“Both Propercorn and Vita Coco are seen to have a more clearly defined sense of purpose than their more established competitors. Two-thirds of those familiar with the brands felt they ‘stand for something they believe in’ and show a commitment to improving life. Compare that with the 30% who said the name of Walkers.

These brands are beating the established names at the oldest game in FMCG: consistency. Two-thirds of respondents felt they delivered a ‘consistent experience’, ‘wherever and whenever’ they encountered those brands. While the likes of Kit Kat experiment with new ideas and diversity into more product variants, these challengers provide an authentic, unique experience where their narrative, product and packaging exist as one. The result? Respondents said they were more willing to both recommend and pay a premium for these brands.”

Indeed, Iris also say that this research reveals that ‘Brand consistency applies to behaviour as much as identity’, saying that true brand consistency goes beyond a clearly defined brand identity and applies as much to every behaviour a brand delivers.

Absolutely! This is a message we communicate all the time at Brandworkz!

In fact our very own Steve McGowan shared his thoughts on this subject in his speech at the CMO Network conference on Tuesday 21st February. Titled “Connecting with the Consumer: Enabling a consistent brand experience in the right marketing context”.

He looked at how, in a marketing environment that is getting faster, more complex and more granular almost every minute, marketers can protect their brands, make their communications more consistent and positive wherever they are, and stay true to the brand promise and values.

The final answer is consistency, of course, but it is brand management technology and digital asset management that facilitates that consistency, by educating, empowering and enabling every internal team within a business to buy into the brand and deliver memorable brand experiences.

If you’d like to see a copy of the speech, just drop us an email on . We’d be delighted to share it with you.