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Brandworkz staff profile: Abigayle Norman

Today we are moving upstairs in the office to meet a member of the best team (or so I like to think) in the office, Team Marketing. I’m only slightly biased though. I’ve been writing the staff profiles for a few months now and thought I’d introduce myself this week.

So my name is Abby. You all repeat back, “Hi, Abby.” Just kidding, I won’t make you do that, but really my name is Abby and I’m the Content Marketing Manager here at Brandworkz. My role is about content marketing and generating educated leads for the sales team. Chances are if you receive an email from Brandworkz they come from me, Abigayle Norman, because I like to use my full name and pretend to be slightly professional. I’ve also been working the past few months on creating a new content marketing strategy to really engage and educate everyone to what Brandworkz is, who we are as a company and how we want to help make your job easier.

I grew up in America in a very small town in Illinois and moved over here about three years ago to do my Masters degree at Henley Business School. Outside of work my hobbies consist of sport. I love it. I play football for Northwood Ladies FC and I run triathlons. Everyone in the office thinks I’m slightly insane, which to be honest is true. I can’t sit still and even have a football under my desk at work. My interesting fact is well not that interesting, but I’m ambidextrous. That’s pretty cool, right?


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