Brandworkz Team

Brandworkz new Business Solutions Consultant Hari Walters

Meet our newest hire, Hari Weerasinghe-Walters (really long double barrelled name because he’s half Sri Lankan). We’re just going to call him Hari though. He’s joining the Brandworkz team to be the Business Solutions Consultant. Those are fancy words for saying, he will be looking after our current and new clients to better understand their objectives and systems needs to help them get the most value out of the Brandworkz products. He has seven years of experience in the digital asset management and brand management industry.

Hari’s first project at Brandworkz will be to work with our newest clients to understand their requirements and help kick off their projects. Hari’s going to get to know everyone in the office quite well as he will be working with the project managers, sales teams, marketing teams and development. We will quiz him in a few months about what he thinks of everyone. He will also be looking at existing clients and seeing how we can add value to their current systems and will also add value internally to Brandworkz by introducing efficiencies and helping the company to continue to grow. We are excited about having Hari on board and looking forward to him getting to know all our potential, new and existing clients.

Outside of work Hari enjoys training in Wing Tsun Kung Fu, playing the guitar, travelling, experience other cultures and playing football. Pretty well rounded I think. He has a Masters of Enterprise, Informatics and a BSc in Computing Science from the University of Manchester, so we think he’s rather clever as well.

Hari’s interesting fact: he ran the Spartan Race for St. Christopher’s Hospice. Spartan Race is pretty hard core so I think Hari will be showing us all up at the Brandworkz Wednesday Run Club.


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