Brandworkz Team

Brandworkz staff profile, Raj Jolly

This week we are headed to Client Services Island (they think they are the coolest team in the office) to meet the team head, Raj Jolly. To be fair he’s got a pretty cool name and their desks do form an Island in the middle of the office.

Raj is one of the busiest people at Brandworkz as he looks after the project managers and support teams as well as running the implementation of all the Brandworkz digital asset management systems for new clients. He also heavily involved in the recruitment for Client Services as well as Development. If you want a job, Raj is your man.

His current client projects include global insurance company Aon and a global investment firm. He is also reviewing project documentation for the many projects we have going on at the moment. Raj is from London and says that these days he hasn’t got time for hobbies, besides maybe drinking.

Raj is one of the most entertaining people at Brandworkz. He gives Malcolm Tucker a run for his money in the colourful language stakes and is somehow finding time to curate the company ‘lookie likies.’ The project has stalled a bit as a few of our ‘lookie likies’ are too attractive for his liking. He is insistent that one of our colleagues looks like the Compare the Market Meerkat.

Raj also supports Totten… I mean Arsenal. Don’t mix that up, he gets offended. And he also recently got married. Raj’s interesting fact is he is taller than Prince and Tom Cruise.


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