Digital Asset Management

Brandworkz’ DAM software: we’re now an accredited digital asset management thanks to the DAM Foundation

Brandworkz is delighted to have been awarded accredited status as a Digital Asset Management provider by the DAM Foundation. The DAM Foundation is an organization that brings standards and best practice to the digital asset management industry.

In May last year the DAM Foundation published a list of the 10 core features of digital asset management. Since publishing the list of the 10 core features they have run an evaluation process of venders to establish a list of elite vendors in the digital asset management industry who can demonstrate core functionality in digital asset management software.

Brandworkz made the list by participating in the evaluation process which was done by a blind method. Vendors had to do an in depth demonstration of their platform to prove functionality of their software. The DAM Foundation sent assets shortly before the demo to limit preparation time and avoid the ‘canned demo.’ If a vendor could not demonstrate functionality they failed and did not make the last.

The 10 Core Characteristics of Digital Asset Management are as follows.

  1. Unique ID Codes for assets
  2. Workflow capacity
  3. Version control
  4. Ability to create metadata fields
  5. Robust and extensive taxonomy based on metafields
  6. Advanced search
  7. Methods by which assets can be shared
  8. Ability to perform actions on ‘batches’ of assets
  9. System can handle several different file types
  10. Administrative characteristics and different user types


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