Digital Asset Management

Which file formats should your Digital Asset Management system support?


Brandworkz DAM supports over 500 different file types and counting — but so do a lot of other DAM systems, as well as what I would describe as online file systems like Box or Sharepoint for digital asset management software. So, does that mean you can confidently tick that requirements box when selecting a system to house all of your brand and marketing assets? — absolutely not!

While most DAM vendors can come up with a long list of supported file formats, there are typically only a handful of formats that brand and marketing users really care about, and some of these can be supported in wildly differing ways across different systems. It’s HOW they are supported that matters in the real world. 

Here, I’m going to look at these “all critical” file types you need to focus on, and outline features that separate basic support from the real-world functionality you really need. Let’s get started! 

The file formats that actually matter 

I would say that there are five main types of “assets” (e.g. images, videos, etc), each with a handful of important file types, and we have worked very hard to ensure that these formats are first-class citizens and not just supported in a tick-box fashion within Brandworkz.

brand material

The ones we find that most clients care about are these:

Asset type 1: Images

It’s important to note that images should be classified separately from illustrations and graphics, which I will address next. The six image file types that are must-haves include:  

  1. JPG: Typically supported well on all DAM platforms, ours included, as it is a simple format. One thing to look out for is extraction of embedded metadata. If you e.g. purchase lots of images from Getty Images or download them from Unsplash, they will typically have very useful keywords and captions embedded. Make sure that the DAM system you select can extract/map these in a meaningful way.
  2. PNG: Your PNG files need to be supported including transparency. For example, if you have PSD or PNG masters and end-users need to download low-res versions of these, the transparency should survive the transcoding. If your web team is going to use the DAM, you will probably also want to get them to check that the file size of PNGs generated from high-res masters aren’t bloated in terms of file size.
  3. TIFF: TIFF supports layers, multiple-alpha channels, clipping paths and embedded colour profiles. If you use any of these, check that these survive transcoding and that previews show up sensibly for YOUR files. There are essentially endless permutations, especially if you are using CMYK TIFF files. So, you may find that the colours of these show up with distorted colours.
  4. PSD/PSB (Photoshop/Photoshop Big): Very complex file structure with layers, layer-groups, transparency layers, effects layers, multi-gigabyte file sizes, etc. To support this well, we have chosen to run Photoshop natively on our servers. This is really the only way to ensure that previews are accurate and transcodes retain all elements of the original file.
  5. Camera RAW: We auto-create previews from a wide range of RAW formats, but check with YOUR files as every manufacturer has their own format and some even have multiple.
  6. WEBP: This is Google’s relatively new image format for the web, which they intend to become the replacement for JPG and PNG. It compresses better than JPG, and also supports transparency like PNG. However, you wouldn’t want to upload WEBP masters to your DAM as the compression is lossy, but if your web team is going to use the DAM they might want it to be able to output WEBP format for website use.

Format and resolution transcoding: For all of the above formats, you need the ability to set up image transcodes so you, as the admin, can offer end-users their images in a format and resolution which makes sense for them. For example, regardless of the source format and resolution of an image, sales users should be able to download that image as a screen-res JPG for use in MS Office — and should probably also be stopped from downloading the original as this may be a high-res TIFF which is going to bloat their document.

Asset type 2: Graphics and icons

Illustrations and other graphics need special consideration. As “digitally native” images, these can and should be formatted as vector graphics, rather than raster graphics — allowing to scale to any size without creating pixelation while retaining a small file size. The two main file options here are: 

  1. Adobe Illustrator AI and EPS: We support these, including showing any transparent areas as a checkerboard. This is crucial if you have e.g. white/reverse logos or icons that are white on transparent.
  2. SVG: Supported as per AI/EPS above. Many companies use SVG for their icon libraries and increasingly also for their logos.

For AI, EPS and SVG files your DAM system should also be able to transcode these to PNG at a resolution chosen by the end-user. That way you don’t also have to upload PNG versions when end-users need them for systems that don’t support SVG — e.g. Word Online or Google Apps for Business.

Asset type 3: Documents

It’s easy to focus on images and brand graphics. However, text documents and PowerPoint presentations form an equally important part of your brand profile and brand system. There are three major file types to consider. 

  1. PDF: Relatively easy to support. We make sure that end-users can see all pages in the doc, and that even if you have very large files that they preview. 
  2. MS Word, PowerPoint: We run actual versions of MS Office on our servers because this is the only way to generate reliable, accurate previews.
  3. Adobe InDesign CC: This is a proprietary format, so we run native InDesign CC on our servers to generate accurate previews. Again, we can install your corporate/custom fonts for accurate text rendering.

Indexing text: The text of all of the above docs should also be indexed for search. This is critical for ensuring flexible access to files when needed, and greatly accelerates review of documents for research purposes. 

Asset type 4: Videos

Video files present unique challenges related to their size, along with the wide range of file types. I think there are two main types to consider. However, you can look at them as a single solution within Brandworkz. 

  1. Quicktime and MP4: We support these well, but note that there are so many variants within these two “wrapper” formats that it’s almost impossible to know if a DAM — including ours — will support your files well without trying it out with some of your “worst-case” videos, e.g. especially large ones, or broadcast ones with codecs such as Apple ProRes.

Note: As an example of the limitations within this category, some DAM systems only support up to 2GB for upload/download, which means that you can’t even get most broadcast videos onto the system, let alone get a preview. The previews should, of course, be video previews as opposed to a single still frame.

Asset type 5: Audio

Like with video, there are a lot of audio files, and a lot of variations within each type of audio file. Again, there are two critical file types that are arguably worth looking at together. 

  1. MP3 and WAV: We will wrap these in an audio player so users can listen to the audio straight from the page without downloading them.

Additional considerations:

Although not file types themselves, there are two additional specifics to consider within the context of all the file types discussed above. 

  1. Logos: This is, of course, not a file format category as such (typically being either EPS, SVG, JPG or PNG files). However, even with a good visual preview it’s very easy for non-technical users to select the wrong format because, of course, the previews will be identical across the different technical formats. Logos are, therefore, treated differently in Brandworkz. We put these into our Logo Finder module, enabling non-technical users to easily find the right permutation for their use.
  2. Custom thumbnails: No system can show a preview of all file types, and even when they do this may not be the preview you want to represent the file for end-users. Therefore, make sure that the system you select has the ability to upload a custom thumbnail.

What this means for your choice of DAM

Fundamentally, if you’re choosing a DAM system you should put together a representative test collection of your most complex, largest, nasty files. Then, upload them to each DAM system you’re trialling and see how they cope in terms of:

digital asset management

  • Uploading and downloading: This seems like a no-brainer, but we have had to integrate with other DAM systems where the files uploaded couldn’t be re-downloaded because they were too large : /
  • Previews: This includes image previews, video/live previews and document previews — ideally for all pages.
  • Text extraction for documents: Are you able to search text, and has the extraction been done accurately? 
  • Metadata extraction for images and videos: Pay specific attention to both the type of metadata extracted, and the accuracy of the extraction. 

Realistically, no datasheet, guide, or checklist is as good as trying out a system yourself using your actual files and brand material. Only then will you be able to see what works, what causes problems, and what will improve outcomes. 

Of course, at Brandworkz, we believe in the flexibility and sophistication of our Brand Management Software, and we wouldn’t want you to buy it without trying it out yourself. Get in touch if you want to book a demo and put our system to the test. 

If you want to dive into the details of every file type Brandworkz is capable of managing, here is the full list: 

All formats supported by Brandworkz for automatic previews

Documents/graphics: PDF (Adobe Acrobat), AI (Adobe Illustrator), INDD/INDT (Adobe InDesign CC 2021), EPS (Encapsulated PostScript), MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint.

Images: SVG, BMP, PNG, TIFF, JPEG, GIF, Photoshop, Photoshop Big (PSB), PDF, EPS, WEBP, QuickTime Image, Silicon Graphics, MacPaint, FlashPix and JPEG2000, Extended Metafile (EMF), Exchangeable Image File Format (EXIF), Interleaved YUV (PAL, UYVY, YCbCr), Adobe Encapsulated PostScript (EPS, EPSF), Adobe Encapsulated PostScript Interchange format (EPSI), EPT (Adobe Encapsulated PostScript with TIFF preview), Adobe Level II Encapsulated PostScript (EPS2), Adobe Level II PostScript (PS2), Adobe Level III PostScript (PS3), Adobe PostScript (PS), Alias/Wavefront RLE image format (PIX), AVS X image (AVS), Bi-level bitmap in least-significant-byte first order (MONO), CCIR 601 4:1:1 (YUV), Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine image (DCM), Digital Moving Picture Exchange (DPX), Group 3 FAX (FAX, G3), IPTC Newsphoto (IPTC), Multiple-image Network Graphics (MNG, JNG), PF1: 1st Publisher (ART), Portable anymap (PNM), Portable bitmap format (PBM), Pyramid encoded TIFF (PTIF), Scitex HandShake (SCT), SUN Rasterfile (RAS, SUN), Utah Run length encoded image (RLE), Visual Image Directory (VID), Wireless Bitmap level 0 image (WBMP), Word Perfect Graphics (WPG), ZSoft IBM PC multi-page Paintbrush (DCX), ZSoft IBM PC Paintbrush (PCX), Kodak Cineon Image Format (CIN), Microsoft Cursor Icon (CUR), Microsoft Windows Device Independent Bitmap (DIB),MATLAB File Format (MAT), On The Air Bitmap (OTB), Seattle File Works (SFW), X Windows Pixmap (XPM, XBM, XWD), GIMP image (XCF), High Efficiency Image File Format (HEIC), High Efficiency Image File Format (HEIF), ICO, Sketch, Adobe XD.

RAW images: Camera RAW formats: Canon Raw (CR2, CRW), Digital Negative (DNG), Epson Raw (ERF), Fuji Raw (RAF), Hasselblad Raw (3FR), Image Raw (RAW), Kodak Raw (DCR), Mamiya Raw (MEF), Nikon Raw (NEF), Olympus Raw (ORF), Panasonic Raw (RW2), Pentax Raw (PEF), Sigma Raw (X3F), Sony Raw (SR2), Sony Raw (SRF), Sony Raw (ARW), Sony/Minolta Raw (MRW)

Fonts: Truetype (TTF), OpenType (OTF)

Video: AVI, MOV (Apple Quicktime), MPEG/MPEG2/MPEG4, WMV/ASF (Windows Media Video), FLV (Flash Video), QTVR, Cubic VR, DV (Digital Video), 3DMF (3D Metafile), FLC (FLIC File format), PICS, Animated GIF, M4V (iTunes Video), MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, MQV (Sony Movie Player), VDU (Sony Video Disk Unit), 3GPP, 3GPP2. Using the following codecs where relevant – H.261, H.263, H.264, Animation, Apple BMP, Apple Video, Cinepak, Component video, DV NTSC and PAL, Graphics, Microsoft OLE, Microsoft Video 1, MPEG-n, Motion JPEG A and B, Photo JPEG, Planar RGB, Sorenson Video 1 and 2.

Metadata extraction: On upload, Brandworkz will extract embedded IPTC, EXIF and XMP metadata from file formats supporting these metadata standards. In addition, custom Brandworkz metadata fields can be mapped to corresponding fields in the embedded IPTC and XMP to auto-populate the custom fields with the embedded equivalents.

Full text extraction: The Brandworkz engine indexes and searches through the full text of the following file types: PDF, MS Word (doc, dot, docx, dotx), MS Excel (xls, xlt, xlsx, xltx), MS PowerPoint (ppt, pps, pot, pptx, ppsx, potx), Open Office/Open Document (odf), HTML, XML, epub (digital books), RTF (Rich Text Format), txt, MP3, WAV, MIDI, FLV, mbox.

All file types supported by Brandworkz, although not all with visual previews

Extension Friendly Name Category MIME type
3dm Rhino 3D Model 3D application/octet-stream
3ds 3D Studio 3D application/x-3ds
asm Pro/ENGINEER Assembly File 3D text/plain
c4d Cinema 4D Model 3D application/octet-stream
catpart CATIA Part File 3D application/catia
catproduct CATIA Assembly File 3D application/catia
cgr CATIA Graphical File 3D application/octet-stream
dae COLLADA Digital Asset Exchange File 3D model/x3d+binary
dgn MicroStation Design File 3D application/octet-stream
dlv3   3D application/octet-stream
dwf Autodesk Design Web Format 3D drawing/x-dwf
dwfx Autodesk Design Web Format XPS 3D application/acad
dwg AutoCAD Drawing Database 3D application/x-autocad
dwt AutoCAD Drawing Template 3D application/x-autocad
dxf AutoCAD Drawing Exchange Format 3D application/x-dxf
exp CATIA 4 Export File 3D application/octet-stream
f2d   3D application/octet-stream
f3d Autodesk Fusion 3D Design 3D application/octet-stream
fbx Autodesk FBX Interchange 3D application/octet-stream
g BRL-CAD Geometry File 3D application/octet-stream
gltf GL Transmission Format 3D application/octet-stream
iam Autodesk Inventor Assembly File 3D application/octet-stream
idw Autodesk Inventor Drawing 3D application/octet-stream
ifc ndustry Foundation Classes 3D application/octet-stream
ige   3D application/octet-stream
iges IGES File 3D application/iges
igs IGES Drawing File 3D application/iges
ipt Autodesk Inventor Part File 3D image/x-ipt
iwm   3D application/octet-stream
jt Siemens JT Open CAD 3D application/octet-stream
ma Maya Project 3D application/octet-stream
max 3ds Max Scene 3D application/octet-stream
neu Pro/ENGINEER Neutral 3D application/octet-stream
nwc Navisworks Cache File 3D application/octet-stream
nwd Navisworks Document 3D application/octet-stream
obj Wavefront 3D Object File 3D application/octet-stream
prt Creo Parametric Part File 3D application/octet-stream
psmodel   3D application/octet-stream
rcp   3D application/octet-stream
rvt Revit Project File 3D application/octet-stream
sab ACIS SAB Model File 3D application/x-sab
sat ACIS SAT 3D Model File 3D application/x-sat
session CATIA 4 Session File 3D application/catia
skp SketchUp 3D application/vnd.sketchup.skp
sldasm SolidWorks Assembly File 3D application/octet-stream
sldprt SolidWorks Part File 3D application/octet-stream
ste   3D application/octet-stream
step STEP 3D Model 3D application/octet-stream
stl Stereolithography File 3D application/
stla   3D application/octet-stream
stp STEP 3D CAD File 3D application/x-step
stpz   3D application/x-step
wire   3D application/octet-stream
xas Pro/ENGINEER Assembly Instance Accelerator 3D application/octet-stream
xpr Pro/ENGINEER Part Instance Accelerator File 3D application/octet-stream
adt   Audio audio/vnd.dlna.adts
adts   Audio audio/vnd.dlna.adts
aif AIFF Audio Audio audio/x-aiff
aifc   Audio audio/aiff
aiff AIFF Audio Audio audio/x-aiff
au AU Audio Audio audio/basic
f4a Flash Audio Audio audio/mp4
f4b Flash Audio Book Audio audio/mp4
flac Free Lossless Audio Codec Audio audio/x-flac
m3u   Audio audio/x-mpegurl
m3u8 M3U Playlist Audio text/plain
m4a MPEG-4 Audio Audio audio/mp4
mid MIDI File Audio audio/mid
midi   Audio audio/mid
mka   Audio audio/x-matroska
mp3 MP3  Audio Audio audio/mpeg
oga   Audio audio/ogg
ogg Ogg Vorbis Audio Audio video/ogg
pkf Audition Peak File Audio application/octet-stream
ra   Audio audio/x-pn-realaudio
ram   Audio audio/x-pn-realaudio
rmi   Audio audio/mid
rpm   Audio audio/x-pn-realaudio-plugin
smd   Audio audio/x-smd
smx   Audio audio/x-smd
smz   Audio audio/x-smd
snd   Audio audio/basic
spx   Audio audio/ogg
wav Wave Audio Audio audio/wav
wax   Audio audio/x-ms-wax
wma Windows Media Audio Audio audio/x-ms-wma
bim Bytessence InstallMaker Document Document application/octet-stream
doc MS Word 97-2003 document (DOC) Document application/msword
docm MS Word 97-2003 document (DOC) Document application/
docx MS Word 2010 document (DOCX) Document application/vnd.openxmlformats-officedocument.wordprocessingml.document
dot MS Word 97-2003 template (DOT) Document application/msword
dotm MS Word 97-2003 template (DOT) Document application/
dotx MS Word 2010 template (DOTX) Document application/vnd.openxmlformats-officedocument.wordprocessingml.template
epub Open Ebook File Document application/octet-stream
idml InDesign Markup Language Document application/epub%u002bzip
idms Adobe InDesign Snippet Document application/octet-stream
indd InDesign Document application/x-indesign
indt InDesign Template Document application/octet-stream
key Apple Keynote Document application/x-iwork-keynote-sffkey
lab WordPerfect Label Definition Document application/octet-stream
mobi Mobipocket eBook Document application/x-mobipocket
mpp MS Project Document application/
numbers Apple Numbers Document application/x-iwork-numbers-sffnumbers
odc   Document text/x-ms-odc
odp OpenDocument Presentation Document application/vnd.oasis.opendocument.presentation
ods OpenDocument Spreadsheet Document application/oleobject
odt Open Office document Document application/vnd.oasis.opendocument.text
oft Outlook File Template Document application/
pages Apple Pages Document application/x-iwork-pages-sffpages
pdf PDF / Acrobat Document application/pdf
pfb Postscript Type 1 font Document application/octet-stream
pfm Postscript Type 1 font Document application/octet-stream
pot MS PowerPoint template (POT) Document application/
potm MS PowerPoint template (POT) Document application/
potx MS PowerPoint template (POT) Document application/vnd.openxmlformats-officedocument.presentationml.template
ppam MS PowerPoint Document application/
ppm PPM Document image/x-portable-pixmap
pps MS PowerPoint show (PPS) Document application/
ppsm MS PowerPoint show (PPS) Document application/
ppsx MS PowerPoint show (PPS) Document application/vnd.openxmlformats-officedocument.presentationml.slideshow
ppt MS PowerPoint 97-2003 document (PPT) Document application/
pptm MS PowerPoint 97-2003 document (PPT) Document application/
pptx MS PowerPoint 2010 document (PPTX) Document application/vnd.openxmlformats-officedocument.presentationml.presentation
pub Microsoft Publisher Document application/x-mspublisher
qxd Quark XPress document (QXD) Document application/octet-stream
qxp Quark XPress document (QXD) Document application/x-quarkxpress
qxt Quark XPress template (QXT) Document application/x-quarkxpress
rtf Rich Text Format Document application/rtf
sco Sibelius Scorch Document application/x-sibileus-scorch
sldm MS PowerPoint Document application/
sldx MS PowerPoint Document application/vnd.openxmlformats-officedocument.presentationml.slide
textclipping Mac OS X Text Clipping Document image/x-targa
txt Plain Text Document text/plain
vdx MS Visio Document application/
vsd MS Visio Document application/vnd.visio
vsdx Visio Drawing Document application/vnd.visio
vss MS Visio Document application/vnd.visio
vst MS Visio Document application/vnd.visio
vsw MS Visio Document application/vnd.visio
vsx MS Visio Document application/vnd.visio
vtx MS Visio Document application/vnd.visio
wbk Word Document Backup Document application/msword
xhtml   Document application/xhtml+xml
xla MS Excel 97-2003 workbook (XLS) Document application/
xlam MS Excel Document application/
xlc MS Excel Document application/
xlm MS Excel Document application/
xls MS Excel Document application/
xlsb MS Excel 97-2003 workbook (XLS) Document application/
xlsm MS Excel 97-2003 workbook (XLS) Document application/
xlsx MS Excel 2010 workbookl (XLSX) Document application/vnd.openxmlformats-officedocument.spreadsheetml.sheet
xlt MS Excel Document application/
xltm MS Excel Document application/
xltx Excel Open XML Template Document application/vnd.openxmlformats-officedocument.spreadsheetml.template
xlw MS Excel Document application/
xml   Document text/xml
xps XML Paper Specification Document application/
xsd   Document text/xml
xsf   Document text/xml
xsl   Document text/xml
xslt   Document text/xml
dfont Data fork TrueType Suitcase Font application/octet-stream
eot Embedded Open Type Font application/
fnt Windows font Font application/octet-stream
otf OpenType font Font font/otf
ttc TrueType font collection Font application/octet-stream
ttf TrueType font Font application/octet-stream
woff Web Open Font Format Font font/x-woff
woff2 Web Open Font Format 2.0 Font font/woff2
3fr Hasselblad Raw Image application/octet-stream
ai Adobe Illustrator (AI) Image image/ai
art   Image image/x-jg
arw Sony Raw Image image/x-raw
bmp BMP Image image/bmp
cdr CorelDRAW Image image/x-coreldraw
cmx   Image image/x-cmx
cod   Image image/cis-cod
cr2 Canon Raw Image image/x-canon-cr2
crw Canon Raw Image image/x-raw
dcr Kodak Raw Image application/x-director
dib   Image image/bmp
dng Digital Negative Raw Image image/dng
eps Encapsulated PostScript (EPS) Image image/eps
erf Epson Raw Image application/octet-stream
exr OpenEXR Image Image image/x-exr
fpx FlashPix Image image/net-fpx
gif GIF Image image/gif
hdr High Dynamic Range Image Image image/vnd.radiance
heic High Efficiency Image Format Image image/heic
heif High Efficiency Image Format Image application/octet-stream
ico Icon File Image image/x-icon
ief   Image image/ief
jfif JPEG File Interchange Format Image image/pjpeg
jpe JPEG Image image/jpeg
jpeg JPEG Image image/jpeg
jpf JPEG 2000 Image application/octet-stream
jpg JPEG Image image/jpeg
mef Mamiya Raw Image application/octet-stream
mos Leaf Camera RAW Image image/x-raw
mrw Sony/Minolta Raw Image image/x-raw
nef Nikon Raw Image image/x-nikon-nef
orf Olympus Raw Image image/x-raw
pbm   Image image/x-portable-bitmap
pct PICT Image application/octet-stream
pcx PCX Image application/octet-stream
pef Pentax Raw Image image/x-pef
pgm   Image image/x-portable-graymap
pic PICT Image image/x-pic
pict PICT Image image/x-pict
png PNG Image image/png
pnm   Image image/x-portable-anymap
pnz   Image image/png
ps Postscript, Raw (PS) Image application/postscript
psb Photoshop – Large (PSB) Image application/x-photoshop
psd Photoshop (PSD) Image application/octet-stream
pxr Pixar Image File Image image/x-pixar
raf Fuji Raw Image image/x-raw
ras   Image image/x-cmu-raster
raw Image Raw Image image/raw
rf   Image image/vnd.rn-realflash
rgb   Image image/x-rgb
rw2 Panasonic Raw Image image/x-raw
sr2 Sony Raw Image image/x-raw
srf Sony Raw Image image/x-raw
svg Scalable Vector Graphics Image image/svg+xml
svgz Compressed SVG Image image/svg+xml
tga Targa (TGA) Image image/x-tga
tif TIFF Image image/tiff
tiff TIFF Image image/tiff
unknown Unknown Image unknown
wbmp WBMP Image image/vnd.wap.wbmp
webp WebP Image Image image/webp
x3f Sigma Raw Image application/octet-stream
xbm   Image image/x-xbitmap
xpm   Image image/x-xpixmap
xwd   Image image/x-xwindowdump
323   Other text/h323
7z 7-Zip Other application/x-7z-compressed
accdb   Other application/msaccess
accde   Other application/msaccess
accdt   Other application/msaccess
air Adobe AIR Other application/vnd.adobe.air-application-installer-package+zip
apk Android Package Other application/
arf WebEx Advanced Recording Other application/octet-stream
ase Adobe Swatch Exchange Other application/octet-stream
atom   Other application/atom+xml
bak Backup File Other application/octet-stream
bup DVD IFO Backup Other application/octet-stream
cab   Other application/
cclibs Adobe CC Library Other application/octet-stream
css Cascading Style Sheet Other text/css
csv Comma Separated Values Other application/octet-stream
dmg Mac Disc Image Other application/x-apple-diskimage
dst Tajima Embroidery Format Other application/octet-stream
dtd   Other text/xml
emb Pfaff Embroidery Design Other application/octet-stream
emf Enhanced Windows Metafile Other image/x-emf
eml Email Message Other message/rfc822
etx   Other text/x-setext
evy   Other application/envoy
fcpevent Final Cut Pro Event Other application/octet-stream
fdf   Other application/vnd.fdf
fif   Other application/fractals
fla Adobe Flash Other application/octet-stream
flr   Other x-world/x-vrml
fxg Flash XML Graphics Other image/fxg
gtar   Other application/x-gtar
gz Gnu Zipped Other application/x-gzip
hqx BinHex File Other application/mac-binhex40
htm HyperText Markup Language Other text/html
html HyperText Markup Language Other text/html
hxt   Other text/html
icc ICC Colour Profile Other application/octet-stream
icns macOS Icon Resource File Other application/octet-stream
ics Calendar File Other text/calendar
idx Movie Subtitle File Other application/octet-stream
iff Interchange File Format Other application/x-iff
ifo DVD-Video Disc Information Other application/octet-stream
inx Adobe InDesign Interchange Other application/octet-stream
ipa iOS Application Other application/octet-stream
iso Disc Image File Other application/octet-stream
json JavaScript Object Notation Other application/json
jsx   Other text/jscript
log Log File Other text/plain
lst Data List Other application/octet-stream
m2t MPEG-2 transport stream files, Other video/mpeg
map   Other text/plain
mht MHTML Web Archive Other message/rfc822
mhtml   Other message/rfc822
mno   Other text/xml
msg Outlook Mail Message Other application/
msi Windows Installer Package Other application/octet-stream
nws   Other message/rfc822
ova Open Virtualization Archive Other application/octet-stream
p12 Personal Information Exchange Other application/x-pkcs12
plist Mac OS X Property List Other application/octet-stream
properties   Other text/plain
rar Rar Other application/octet-stream
rdp Windows Remote Desktop config file Other application/octet-stream
rtx   Other text/richtext
sea Self-Extracting Archive Other application/x-sea
sgml   Other text/sgml
sit StuffIt Archive Other application/x-stuffit
sitx StuffIt X Archive Other application/x-stuffitx
sketch Sketch Other application/zip
spl   Other application/futuresplash
swf Flash (SWF) Other application/x-shockwave-flash
tar Tar Other application/x-tar
tgz   Other application/x-compressed
thmx Office Theme Other application/
tsv   Other text/tab-separated-values
uls   Other text/iuls
unbounce Unbounce Landing Page Other application/octet-stream
vcf vCard File Other text/x-vcard
vcs   Other text/plain
vml   Other text/xml
wlmp Windows Movie Maker Project Other application/octet-stream
wmf Windows Metafile Other application/x-msmetafile
wrf WebEx Recording Other application/octet-stream
wrl   Other x-world/x-vrml
wrz   Other x-world/x-vrml
x   Other application/directx
xaf   Other x-world/x-vrml
xdr   Other text/plain
xfdf   Other application/vnd.adobe.xfdf
xmp Extensible Metadata Platform Other application/octet-stream
xof   Other x-world/x-vrml
xspf XSPF Playlist Other application/xspf+xml
zip Zip Other application/x-zip-compressed
zipx Extended Zip File Other application/x-zip-compressed
3g2   Video video/3gpp2
3gp 3GPP Multimedia File Video video/3gpp
3gp2   Video video/3gpp2
3gpp   Video video/3gpp
aac Advanced Audio Coding Video audio/aac
aaf Avid Advanced Authoring Format Video application/octet-stream
aep Adobe After Effects Project Video text/plain
asf Windows Streaming Media Video video/x-ms-asf
asr   Video video/x-ms-asf
asx   Video video/x-ms-asf
avb Avid Bin File Video application/octet-stream
avi AVI movie Video video/avi
dvr-ms   Video video/x-ms-dvr
edl Edit Decision List Video text/plain
f4p Flash Video Video video/mp4
f4v Flash Video Video video/mp4
fcp Final Cut Project Video application/octet-stream
ffx After Effects Preset Video application/octet-stream
flexolibrary Final Cut Pro Library Video application/octet-stream
flv Flash Video Video video/x-flv
imovieevent iMovie Event Video application/octet-stream
IVF   Video video/x-ivf
lsf   Video video/x-la-asf
lsx   Video video/x-la-asf
m1v MPEG-1 Video Video video/mpeg
m2ts   Video video/vnd.dlna.mpeg-tts
m2v MPEG-2 Video Video video/mpeg
m4v mp4 video file (m4) Video video/mp4
mk3d   Video video/x-matroska-3d
mkv Matroska Video Video video/x-matroska
mogrt Adobe Motion Graphics Template Video application/octet-stream
moov Quicktime movie (MOV) Video video/quicktime
mov Quicktime movie (MOV) Video video/quicktime
movie   Video video/x-sgi-movie
mp2   Video video/mpeg
mp4 MP4  Video Video video/mp4
mp4v   Video video/mp4
mpa   Video video/mpeg
mpe   Video video/mpeg
mpeg MPEG movie Video video/mpeg
mpg MPEG movie Video video/mpeg
mpv2   Video video/mpeg
mts AVCHD video Video model/vnd.mts
mxf MXF Video application/mxf
nsc   Video video/x-ms-asf
ogv Ogg Video Video video/ogg
omf Avid Open Media Framework Video application/octet-stream
prproj Adobe Premiere Project Video application/octet-stream
qt   Video video/quicktime
r3d REDCODE Video File Video application/octet-stream
rm RealMedia File Video application/vnd.rn-realmedia
srt SubRip Subtitle File Video text/plain
trec TechSmith Recording Video application/octet-stream
ts   Video video/vnd.dlna.mpeg-tts
tts   Video video/vnd.dlna.mpeg-tts
vob DVD Video Object Video video/dvd
vtt Web Video Text Tracks File Video text/vtt
webm WEBM Video video/webm
wm   Video video/x-ms-wm
wmp   Video video/x-ms-wmp
wmv Windows Media Video Video video/x-ms-wmv
wmx   Video video/x-ms-wmx
wtv   Video video/x-ms-wtv
wvx   Video video/x-ms-wvx

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