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Brandworkz DAM ranked highly for marketers

The Codified DAM Consultant, has published a revealing article exploring three of the most popular Digital Asset Management use-case scenarios and outlining the vendors who most accurately match those.

The Codified DAM Consultant is a metrics-based strategy toolset. Aiming to help buyers of DAM navigate the complex digital asset management landscape, it applies an impartial scoring system to vendors in order to rank them and therefore help buyers shortlist the best platforms for their use.

The article takes the real-word personas of a Marketing Manager, a Brand Manager and a Brand Engagement Manager and rates the accredited DAM vendors against their specific requirements.

Brandworkz Brand Management Software is designed for marketers who want to leverage the value of their digital assets and enjoy better brand consistency across multiple different channels. Brandworkz scored very well in all three categories but our features set scored particularly well with the Marketing Manager and Brand Manager personas.

The features in Brandworkz such as Web-to-Publish, Approval Workflow and on-brand multi-lingual UI lift our software above simple storage solutions and give marketing and brand managers everything they need build brand consistency and deliver an exceptional brand experience.

You can see a full list of all the rankings below.

Top Ten by Use Case Scenario Brand Manager
Top Ten by Use Case Scenario Brand Engagement Manager

Originally published on The Codified DAM Consultant