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Marketers waste an hour a day searching for digital assets

The demands on a marketer’s time are ever-expanding and research by integrated brand management technology company, Brandworkz has revealed that marketers and brand managers are wasting an average of almost one hour, or 10%, of every day, fielding requests for digital assets such as images, logos, marketing artworks and documents from internal teams and external agencies.

However, those who have implemented a digital asset management platform to automate sharing and distribution of marketing content report better marketing efficiency and higher employee productivity.

Digital asset management can enable marketers to automate the low-level, time consuming administrative tasks associated with day-to-day brand management and instead focus on how to build their brands. Rather than dealing with manual admin tasks, such as asset searching and distribution, marketing teams can spend time on the important stuff because people are helping themselves to content straight from the platform.

For example, one client who is a marketing manager working in a business with multiple offices in different locations, reported that he used to get 100 ad-hoc requests per month for materials. This was reduced to 10-15 per month once he was using a DAM system.

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