A mind-blowing CIM Digital Summit

The CIM Digital Summit at the British Museum held on Tuesday this week was another fantastic sold-out event from the Chartered Institute of Marketing.

Brandworkz were the sponsors this time and our CEO, Jens Lundgaard, featured as a panelist in the afternoon session alongside Jeremy Waite from IBM, Maria Henkel from CIM, George Bryant from The Brooklyn Brothers, and Chris Dobson from Acquila Insight.

The Q&A panel session was fascinating, drawing questions about the earlier presentations. The overriding theme to emerge was around data and how marketers use it, with mind-blowing stuff from speaker Jeremy Waite from IBM who talked about data science and AI in marketing, with particular reference to IBM Watson.



Jens gave his views on the use of AI Bots in customer service in a conversation filled with amazing facts and information about how Artificial Intelligence will change the face of marketing and of data analysis.

A big thank you to CIM for delivering such a high quality and insight-filled day.

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