Brandworkz and QlikView collaborate to offer a marketing insight app at the Festival of Marketing

#SmarterMarketing is a marketing insight product powered by Qlikview business discovery and delivered to you through Brandworkz brand asset management.

Marketers are creating more and more marketing collateral and pushing that out to more and more channels. From that sea of collateral, comes a sea of data in which marketers are drowning. We have more marketing content for more sources which leads to more data from more sources. This makes it increasingly difficult to decide where the insights lie to make crucial marketing decisions.


#SmarterMarketing makes sense of this data.

Brandworkz acts as the catalyst to make the analytics delivered by QlikView meaningful. #SmarterMarketing is viewed as a single customisable dashboard located in Brandworkz. It connects the data from Brandworkz digital asset management and your other marketing software platforms, which may currently exist in separate silos or on spreadsheets, allowing you to track complex marketing activities in multiple channels, as well as your marketing operations and processes.

This means insights can be found from historical, current and predictive views of your marketing to support better business decision making.

The data can be drilled into right from the dashboard in just a few clicks. Different versions of the dashboard can be configured for different marketing users, giving them the information they need to make the right decision to support the overall objectives of marketing and the business as a whole.

#SmarterMarketing connects your data and gives you powerful insights to make the right marketing decisions.


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