Brand Management Software for the Construction and Real Estate Industry

The building blocks of successful brand management

Everything in the construction and real estate sector is on a big scale. Big buildings, big projects and a vast amount of content. Every bit of content from site notices as the building is being constructed to glossy brochures used to market the finished project need to be created, approved and distributed. They also need to be on-brand, consistent and compliant, no easy job!

Brandworkz Brand Management Software for Construction and Real Estate is built to put everything your designers need right at their fingertips, manage the entire creation process and to be the home for all of your marketing content.


Cost-effective content creation

With so much content to be created, construction and real-estate brands can end up wasting valuable time and design resources making small changes and localisations to artworks.

Brandworkz Brand Management software takes the reasonability for artwork creation and editing off the shoulders of designers and empowers anyone within the business to create on-brand content. Our simple Web-to-Publish editor frees up designers to work on more important design projects.


Location, location, location

With so many images, videos and brochures, it is essential that construction and real-estate companies have a single source of truth for all of their content. If assets are stored in multiple places, valuable materials will be lost, duplicated and underused.

Brandworkz Digital Asset Management is the home for all your branded content! From raw materials needed for the creation through to approved finished materials, all are available to those who need them with full reporting on their usage.


Manage the content build

Every construction project must be planned, reviewed and approved before the building is ready for new occupants. The same applies to your content! Without a dedicated system to review and approve content during the creation process, you will waste time, money and resources and risk falling foul of regulatory compliance.

Brandworkz highly flexible Approval Workflow capabilities allow you to streamline and automate your marketing production processes and get to market quicker.


Key features



Stop spending valuable time, money and resources on manual, low-level artwork changes


Workflow & Annotation

Streamline, track and audit your marketing production processes – however complex


Brand Showcase

Show people what good looks like and stop them reinventing the wheel by promoting best practice


Digital Asset Management

Everything in one place so everyone can find the stuff they need when they need it


Brand Guidelines

Educate all employees and partners on what makes you different from the competition

Logo Finder

Logo Finder

Let everybody find the right logo, every time – cutting out endless, tedious logo requests

Real Estate and Construction brands who trust Brandworkz

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Rolling out a global rebrand on a local level

The JLL Brand Hub is available 24/7 for all JLL employees and external partners and is the single source of truth for all JLL brand materials.

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