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Many clients ask us how much time and effort they'll need to put into their implementation. Some are willing and able to get stuck in; others don't have the time or skills. We give you a dedicated Brandworkz implementation team that is flexible enough to work the way that suits you, to your timeline, so you get the software that works for your business.
Scoping and specification of your specific requirements

We will start our engagement with a scoping and specification phase of your requirements including design and styling, information architecture, business processes, and access levels. We will also assist in the specification of the content population requirements which will define the number of CMS pages, assets and potentially logos to be uploaded.

On-brand styling of your brand portal

The overall style and layout of your Brand Portal will be in line with your design guidelines. Brandworkz will implement your logo, colour scheme, and overall look and feel to encourage successful user adoption and to ensure that your system showcases your brand. The key with a brand asset management or digital asset management platform is to lead by example so users entering your site are immersed in your brand identity right from the start.

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Project management

You will be appointed a project manager who will review the initial specification and define project milestones and deliverables. They will be your first point of contact and are responsible for managing Brandworkz resources and documentation to ensure timely communication. Your project manager will take your site implementation through to successful completion. Read more about the Brandworkz Client Services team here.


To ensure the successful rollout and on-going use of your new system, we train your key administrators/super-users of the system face-to-face. They in turn train end-users within your organisation. You and your users will always have access to thorough and simple training materials and a Support site with FAQs and how-to videos.

Instance setup and core configuration

Your project manager will set up three Brandworkz instances in our data centre hosted at Amazon Web Services: Development, Staging and Live. The sitemap, navigation,  metasets, user groups, logo finder and branding will be configured based on your specific requirements as defined in our scoping and specification phase. Once you are live you can make configuration changes to your brand management system yourself. Folder structures, site colours, new user groups, metadata schemas and many other actions can be changed by you at no cost. You get total flexibility.


Web, email and telephone support is included on an ongoing basis with your purchase of Brandworkz. Our support engineers will endeavour to resolve any issues and provide you with guidance on using new areas of the system you may not yet be familiar with.  You will also receive upgrades to all new minor and major versions of the software.

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Why Brandworkz?

The most intuitive & flexible system on the market


Your business is unique. So you should be able to structure your brand management platform based on your requirements, business structure or marketing objectives. The highly flexible Brandworkz architecture allows for unlimited set-up options, yet an easy-to-use front-end. You get total flexibility. No one size fits all.


We’ve built Brandworkz so it is possible for you to configure your brand management system yourself. Need folder structures changed, site colours amended, new user groups created or metadata schemas rearranged? Unlike other platforms available, with Brandworkz you can do it all yourself. At no cost.

Our Team

“Nice. Helpful. Knowledgeable. Good to work with. Great customer service. Always there to help”. Just some of the things our clients say about our team here at Brandworkz. Every client gets the same incomparable attention and service. That’s what makes us different.