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Press Release – Brandworkz ‘Lets the Assets Shine’ in Digital Asset Management Software Version 6.2.1

Marketing and brand management software company, Brandworkz, has released version 6.2.1 today for roll-out to clients. The focus of the release is on enhancing a user’s experience of viewing assets in the Brandworkz digital asset management platform with major improvements to the way images, videos and documents are displayed in the Asset Detail page.

The release of 6.2.1 also delivers better viewing and transcoding of multi-gigabyte HD videos, and automatic visual previews of MS Office files, meaning marketers can manage and share their marketing content better, while maintaining control of their brands.


Asset detail preview

Assets are now shown extra large. When a user clicks through to the Asset Detail page from a folder, the image or document is shown at the full available width of the page. The metadata and technical information is displayed below the image.

A new ‘Related’ panel will be shown below the image and metadata if the asset is related to another asset, is part of a Workflow and/or has had a shortcut made to it from another folder.


Multi-page documents

If the asset contains more than one page, it can be scrolled through in ‘View’ mode using a mouse to slide the screens or by swiping, if on a tablet or touch-screen device.


Pinned asset bar

When a page is scrolled, the Asset Bar remains pinned to the top of the page so the action buttons such as Download or Album do not scroll out of view.


Uploading large video files

Brandworkz clients with multi-gigabyte HD videos can upload bigger files, faster. Visual cues on-screen give updates on the status of the upload which is useful when transferring multiple video files at once. When transcoded, the video is played directly from the asset detail page and is viewed in a new larger preview screen.


Bug Fixes

This release includes over 50 bug fixes.

Andrew Twitchett, Head of Development at Brandworkz says “We have completely overhauled the Asset Detail page so that the assets shine – and rightly so, as brand assets are one of the most important parts of any Brandworkz client site. We are constantly strengthening our software to ensure that our clients love using it and we believe these improvements in version 6.2.1 really enhance the user’s experience of our platform.”


Editors’ Notes:

Brandworkz brand asset management software is used by marketers and brand managers to centralise marketing management processes, reduce costs and improve productivity. A cloud-based platform, it is used by Red Bull Racing, Jones Lang LaSalle, Pfizer and Cambridge University for automating the creation and delivery of marketing materials across channels. Brandworkz also ensures compliance to a company’s brand positioning; it enables users to share marketing assets, manage campaigns, collaborate globally and improve sales or partner enablement while remaining on-brand.

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