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Brandworkz announces release of software version 7.0.3

Brandworkz 7.0.3 focuses on improving the productivity of end-users

Brandworkz, the brand management and digital asset management software company has today launched its software version 7.0.3 with significant improvements to the search feature.

In answer to feedback from clients, Brandworkz has focused on metadata management in this release. Fast, good quality search in a digital asset management system improves the productivity of end-users, but this relies on administrators being able to tag content quickly and easily.


“Our aim is to enable our clients to manage their brands better and share their content effortlessly in multi-channels. The release allows administrators to label images or content they are uploading quickly and accurately. This means end-users will find what they need instantly and will come back to their digital asset management system again and again” says Hari Walters, Head of Product at Brandworkz.


Image Tagging Improvements

Bulk Edit Metadata

Bulk edit has been rebuilt from the ground up to make it quicker and easier to apply metadata to several assets at once. The new bulk edit includes:

  • Full-screen editing, giving more space to view content and make edits
  • Thumbnail previews, so users can see the images they are editing metadata for
  • Excel-style metadata management (includes sorting and resizing columns)
  • Selectable options for date and multiple-choice fields, for quicker data entry
  • Excel-style column “fill down” buttons, for quicker data entry
  • Bulk hierarchical tagging
  • Bulk edit for multi-lingual sites


Hierarchical Tagging

Hierarchical tagging is a powerful way to label assets in a structured way, making it easier for users to search for assets. The way in which assets can be tagged with hierarchical data has been improved. This includes:

  • Auto-suggestion for finding the tags
  • Speed improvements
  • Translation assist
  • Asset detail page displays hierarchical tags for end-users


Metadata Management

Metadata fields with multiple options or choices are even quicker to configure and sort. User can:

  • Bulk add from an Excel spreadsheet
  • Custom sort options with drag-and-drop
  • Sort options alphabetically by clicking the ‘Name’ column


Search Improvements

Search Suggestions

Brandworkz now offers suggestions automatically as a search term is typed in the quick search bar. When using the quick search box, the system will present a list of clickable keywords found in the system to improve the search results. Search indexing has also been sped-up, so when asset metadata is updated, it will become searchable more quickly than before.

‘AND’ Based Search Configuration

Multiple-choice fields can be configured to be ‘AND’ based for more refined results.


Other Improvements

Feedback Widget

Therefore we have introduced the Feedback Widget so we can hear feedback direct from end-users about how they suggest we can make Brandworkz even better.  Every user of Brandworkz will see a Feeback button and can use it to log their suggestions about what they like and the areas they would like to see improved.

Suggestions will be added to the software roadmap.



There is an improvement to the user interface so administrators can see the default language next to the language they are translating. This makes it easier to add translations and spot those that are missing.


Speed improvements
  • 4x faster image thumbnail generation
  • 2x faster category/folder updates
  • Numerous other minor speed improvements in the DAM module


  • Predictive search: breadcrumb display when using a predictive search on hierarchical fields
  • Clustering: added support for web clustering for scalability
  • Importing: Added support for Excel .xlsx type (previously only .xls)
  • Multi-brand: navigation consistency in the workflow module
  • Reporting: Ability to download reports to as Excel spreadsheets



Editors Notes:

Brandworkz is a cloud-based brand management and digital asset management software platform for marketers and brand managers. It is designed to be the central content hub of your marketing ecosystem.

With so many marketing channels and so much content, it is easy to lose a grip of whether your agencies, distributors, salespeople, partners and colleagues are communicating the right messages to the right audiences at the right time.

Brandworkz enables you to centralise, manage and share marketing and brand content; allow artwork editing and even oversee marketing production activity.  You enable consistent messaging and a strong brand across multiple countries and media channels.

Brands like Red Bull Racing, JLL, Pfizer and Cambridge University are already using Brandworkz to increase marketing efficiency, get messages to market quicker and strengthen their brands with consistent, integrated marketing communications.