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Brandworkz staff profile, Dane Gebert

This week we are heading down under to meet our newest employee, Dane Gebert who has joined the Brandworkz Australia team. We are chuffed to have him on board with us.

Dane is our Australian Account Manager. His role involves managing current Brandworkz accounts, project managing new implementations and handling new client engagements as we continue to expand and grow in Australia, New Zealand and South East Asia.

Dane will also act as one of the marketing team in Australia. He has a degree in Graphic Design so here in the Brandworkz head office marketing team we are excited to get to tap into his creative abilities when he has a bit of spare time.

When Dane isn’t at work he enjoys getting creative. He loves snapping pictures with his SLR and enjoys keeping up to date with what’s happening in the design world as well as doing a bit of design work on the side.

Dane also loves his sport. He supports Liverpool. He could have picked a better team, but apparently the Aussies love Liverpool so we’ll let him off. Dane also loves to travel. He says he can never get enough of it.

Tying into Dane’s love of travel, his interesting fact is that he has seen over 50 cities in the last four years and hopes to add to the list in the near future. I know who I’ll be getting in contact with the next time I plan a holiday.


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