Brandworkz 6.3.1 Release Notes

Brandworkz 6.3
New Feature: Zipping

Previously Brandworkz digital asset management has limited the size of zipped downloads to 250MBs. Thanks to a combination of new server infrastructure and new queuing systems we are now able to offer users the ability to download zipped files of up to 25GBs. Some key points about the new zipping feature:

  • The zips can take some time given the increased size of the files so we recommend you start the zipping of files and carry on doing something else as well.
  • If you get interrupted during the download and go back to start a download of the same files again, the system will automatically pick up where the original download left off.
  • You will be informed of the status of the download, with information on how many files have been zipped, the volume of data zipped against the total amount and how much has been zipped in per cent.
Improvement: Process and speed improvements
  • Uploaded images are now being processed on a new server. This means that the generation of thumbnails, image and video transcodes will happen off the main system’s site. Therefore the main site will not slow down while these are generated and will mean a smoother experience for users. We will be making further enhancements to this which will result in fewer errors relating to images in the future.


What’s coming in the next few releases?

Here are a couple of the things we are working on which will be in an upcoming release:

  • Further image processing enhancements.
  • Improvements to the way folders and assets are processed.
  • Web to web: an enhancement to our web to print feature to allow customisable web banners.
  • Multilingual improvements.