Brand Experience

How Brandworkz Solves the Consistent Brand Experience Challenge

Have you been struggling with how to achieve a consistent brand experience? This is a question Brandworkz set out to shine a light on in our Workshop at the Festival of Marketing a couple of weeks ago.

As marketers we are only too aware of how important a consistent brand experience is in attracting and retaining happy customers.

Forrester Research has said that “brand experience is the new brand management”.

What do they mean by this? Essentially that the challenge for the CMO today is to galvanise the entire company to buy into the brand promise and understand how to translate that externally as delightful and memorable brand experiences.

What we also know is that a consistent brand experience is positively affected by brand consistency. When a customer complains a brand hasn’t been consistent or they haven’t met expectations, this rarely comes down to a single interaction – customers will evaluate consistency based on a number of interactions over time. There is a cumulative effect.

So how can marketers attain a consistent brand experience?

Have a look at our SlideShare to see what Brandworkz brand asset management can do to increase brand consistency.

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