Brand Management

Meet the Brandworkz client – Dr. Martens

We are delighted to introduce you to another Brandworkz Digital Asset Management client. Alex Cotton is the Marketing Services Manager at retail fashion footwear brand Dr. Martens. Dr. Martens shoes have been adopted by generations of rebellious individuals who are not afraid to stand out from the crowd and as such, the brand refuses to conform to established norms.

So you can imagine how important brand guidelines, imagery and video content are in building the brand and continuing its heritage. Alex is in charge of ensuring that brand look, feel and messaging are consistent and meet the standards expected by their consumers.

That includes all imagery, video and assets that promote the Dr. Martens brand worldwide, from global collection launches to packaging, to point of sale.

In this video, Alex reveals how Dr. Martens are using ‘Hub’, their Brandworkz Brand Managment Software platform, to manage their brand globally and how much benefit it has brought them. “It’s massively contributed to how much time we can now spend on other things, rather than sending emails with logos out to everyone!” she says. She also tells us how the Hub has been so successful that almost every internal team, beyond just marketing, now has a section on it to manage their own content, strengthening the brand yet further.

To find out more about the Brandworkz and Dr. Martens story, email or request a demo.