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Brandworkz made it into Shortlist Magazine


Brandworkz was mentioned in this week’s edition of Shortlist Magazine, a men’s lifestyle magazine.

This week Brandworkz Brand Asset Management Software Founder and CEO, Jens Lundgaard was recently in America. In his search for something to eat Jens began scouting suitable restaurants, when he noticed some interesting names for restaurants and bars, with one particularly standing out to him.

Jens took some photos and sent them to British journalist Danny Wallace who then published the picture in the most recent edition of Shortlist Magazine. 

Danny stated “ Thanks to Anna Cotton and Jens Lundgaard for this. Jens was driving his car in Oregon, US, when he suddenly got hungry and started paying more attention to the big signs and advertising restaurants. Which is when he spotted a wonderful sounding place. A place where everybody knows your name, and shouts it as you enter.”

Jens was shocked to see that his picture had made Shortlist and we thought it would be exciting to share the news with you. 

Have a look at the image and copy below.


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Founder and CEO of Brandworkz, Jens Lungaard, has over 25 years of experience in branding. Having worked with companies such as Shell, Ford and more Jens Lungaard is a leading expert on brand management. 

Brandworkz helps marketers create a deep understanding of their brand amongst their workforce internally by providing simple brand asset management software. With many options, tailor our brand management software to your brands’ needs or try our other products such as our digital asset management software our online Brand Kit and more. With tools such as Web-to-publish, logo finder, brand asset filtering, brand guidelines, manage your brand and ensure consistency across your business big or small.

About Brand asset management

A brand asset management platform allows brands to maintain consistency by centralising access and control over assets that define their brand. With implemented brand guidelines you can ensure that your assets are being used properly and at the right time and with squeezed budgets, remaining compliant is essential for the success of any brand.

What makes Brandworkz different

Traditional brand management uses too many tools for every task disrupting workflow, its lack of integration can also prove difficult when creating new designs. With Brandworks BMS you can create, manage and distribute all from one platform. 

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