Digital Asset Management

Effortless: Managing Digital Assets The Brandworkz Way

Your digital assets have never been more essential to your business. Customers expect to interact with your brand through multiple channels and in multiple file formats. Everything from video to images is required to portray your brand and its products in the right light to customers on and offline. But managing digital assets can be hard work.

Brandworkz Digital Asset Management software enables marketing teams around the world to create world class, on-brand marketing campaigns by storing, managing and providing access to your digital assets in one place. Your brand and product images sit beside your promotion videos and sales presentations, all within one click of your brand guidelines. Our software allows you to deliver your key messages across multiple platforms, while staying on-brand and reducing costs.


Stop wasting time and money: Brandworkz takes the hard work out of managing digital assets

Brandworkz empowers your sales, marketing and agency partners with self-service access to find the assets they need themselves. This reduces the amount of admin time you spend managing digital assets, and reduces the unnecessary expense of reproducing assets you simply can’t find anymore.

One of the main issues our customers have when it comes to managing digital assets is that their different internal teams manage different projects. These can include websites, social media campaigns or production of sales materials. The assets associated with these get stored with their individual department users and not in one collective repository for everyone to share.

So the sales team will have a set of digital assets they use, the social media team will have their own and likewise for the marketing department.

When an asset is replaced or updated, either it must be sent to multiple teams or, in the worst case, only one team receives the new asset. This means other colleagues might continue to use out-of-date and potentially off brand assets, reducing consistency and damaging the brand.

When you use a Brandworkz system for managing digital assets, you know only the most relevant and up-to-date brand assets are being used every time, whatever the project.


Storing core assets: let Brandworkz Digital Asset Management Software do the legwork

Can you provide your digital assets in dozens of different file formats for every available medium? With our image and video transcoding feature you only need one high resolution master artwork for each asset. You upload this high-res original into your Brandworkz system and with one click you can download exactly the right file format and size you need, whatever your use eg a banner ad, a PowerPoint presentation or a high quality print piece.

In addition, assets can be downloaded in the right size for use in mobile responsive websites. Graphics for the iPhone 5, 4 and 3, iPads and Samsung mobiles are all required in different formats. Brandworkz will output multiple versions of the same high resolution asset so that web designers working on responsive websites get what they need in seconds rather than hours.

Storing only single assets makes them significantly simpler to manage, increases brand consistency and reduces costs.


Managing digital assets: that’s teamwork

Brandworkz digital asset management software functionality allows you to access all your digital assets from anywhere in the world using any standard web browser and any operating system. Your marketing and sales teams, agencies and 3rd parties can now access your assets in the format they require when they require them 24/7. This speeds up your time-to-market for marketing campaigns, sales pitches and presentations, ultimately generating business faster.


Become more productive

You and your team will become more productive and waste less time on repetitive admin tasks if your digital assets are stored efficiently and organised in an easy-to-access digital asset management software.

The powerful metadata search within Brandworkz means you will no longer be required to spend many minutes and even hours searching through your system to locate the asset you want. Simply search using keywords or by using the hierarchical metadata tree to see all the assets that match your search. This form of tagging greatly reduces the amount of time required to get your assets searchable as the system intelligently matches your tag in a parent-child way. For example if you tag a cityscape image as New York, it will also automatically be tagged as New York State, East Coast, USA meaning it will turn up in searches for the parent term.

Our Albums feature allows you to select any asset or group of assets in the system and group them together for download or to be sent out to another person. Similar to an e-commerce shopping cart, Albums allows you gather all the assets you require for a specific task and share them with those you require without having to alter the existing folder structure.


Peace of mind that your assets are safe and secure

Brandworkz is built on a permission-based system meaning that you can specify which assets users and group can access, what asset version download options they have and who can upload where and when. These permission sets can be easily updated to change as your company changes or as you bring in more external partners.

Brandworkz also enables single sign-on which integrates with your internal systems such as a company intranet. Internal users do not have to re-enter their password to access Brandworkz, but can, for example, simply click on a link on the intranet for automatic login.

When assets are stored on local or shared drives there is always a chance that the files can be lost or deleted. With Brandworkz managing digital assets this is greatly reduced. All our servers are in secure locations and are backed up regularly meaning even if an asset is deleted, we can retrieve it and restore it to the system.