Software Releases

Introducing Brandworkz 10.1: Enhanced CMS Capabilities and Superior MS Office Integration

Brandworkz continues to deliver innovative brand management solutions as the digital realm shifts and adapts. Today, we are excited to dive deep into the newly released Brandworkz 10.1, a testament to our commitment to enhancing brand consistency, workflow efficiency, and user experience.

Key Highlights of Brandworkz 10.1:

  1. Superior MS Office Integration:

Word and PowerPoint Templates in the MS Office Add-in: It’s no secret that while designers and marketers are well-versed in brand guidelines, not all staff members have the time or expertise to ensure everyday documents reflect the brand accurately. Brandworkz 10.1 introduces the ability to distribute Office templates directly through the Brandworkz Office Add-in, making it easier than ever to maintain brand consistency across all corporate communications.

Intuitive Template Distribution: Users can now seamlessly search for and integrate the latest on-brand MS Office templates directly within the application. Enhanced tagging and filtering options further refine the user experience, ensuring relevant content is easily accessible.

  1. Enhanced CMS/Guidelines Module:

Configurable CMS Blocks: System administrators can now configure blocks at the template level. This means there’s no need to reconfigure each time a new CMS page is based on a template. The ability to add default content on templates streamlines the content creation process, ensuring faster deployment and consistency.

Article Block: A newly introduced block merges the capabilities of the Rich Text and Gallery blocks, providing users with more layout options. It’s responsive, automatically adapting to smaller screens to deliver an optimal viewing experience.

Individual Page Layout Flexibility: Brandworkz 10.1 offers the flexibility to set specific layout options at the page level. This means each page can have a unique layout, color scheme, or navigation style, offering more customization.

Uniform Block Padding: Design aesthetics play a crucial role in brand perception. With this release, users can fine-tune the padding for all blocks, ensuring content is presented in the most visually pleasing manner.

  1. Navigational Enhancements:

Navigation with Only Anchors Displayed: Anchor links have become an invaluable navigational tool for content-dense pages. With the new update, admins have the flexibility to exclusively showcase these links on specific pages, ensuring a streamlined and distraction-free navigation for end users.

  1. Other Notable Upgrades:

Improved Feedback for Translation Admins: This enhancement ensures efficient translation imports for businesses operating across multiple languages.

Stability Boosts: This includes enhanced stability for the Getty Images connector and improved user messaging for SSO logins.

Bug Fixes: From metadata import functionality improvements to workflow project name visibility in searches, numerous bugs have been addressed to refine the user experience further.

In conclusion, the Brandworkz 10.1 release epitomizes our dedication to providing businesses with the tools they need to maintain brand consistency across distributed teams and diverse platforms. As Brandworkz continues to evolve, we remain focused on simplifying brand management challenges, making it easier for teams to collaborate, innovate, and deliver consistent brand experiences.

We encourage all users to explore the new features and enhancements. For detailed insights, the Brandworkz 10.1 Release Notes offers a comprehensive overview.

Remember, the update is scheduled for the weekend of 14th and 15th October. If you have any questions or face any challenges, our support team is here to help.