Software Releases

Brandworkz releases brand management software version 6.0

Brandworkz has today released its latest brand management software version 6.0 and proudly announces no new features.

The focus of Brandworkz software release 6.0 is on fundamental improvements to the user experience through simplifying the user interface.

Brandworkz has reduced the number of clicks required to execute tasks in the software and has cut the asset uploading and downloading process to one click.

In addition, the software has been optimised for tablets and mobile devices, in line with industry standards and because Brandworkz clients are increasingly using these devices to access their brand management sites.

The decision to release no new features in favour of a simpler user interface is in line with the company’s strategic direction. This is borne out of feedback from clients that an intuitive interface is a key factor in encouraging people to use their digital asset management system or brand management software especially if they are brand-led, creative and marketing people.

“We have made Brandworkz easier to interact with and ultimately use. It is the ease of use and intuitive nature of the software that give Brandworkz its competitive advantage.” Says Joel Stobart, Head of Development at Brandworkz. “This fusion of aesthetics and functionality in the UI feeds into the user experience which we believe is a must-have in brand management technology.”

Jens Lundgaard, Founder & CEO of Brandworkz says “We are living up to our goal of becoming the clear leader in simplicity and usability for brand/marketing management software. Clients are increasingly switching to us from other software because they tell us Brandworkz is elegant to use and enables complex tasks to be executed simply. ”


Release Notes:

Tablet Ready
  • The introduction of a new HTML5 video player allows video files to be played on tablets and mobiles as well as desktops with current browsers. Where an HTML5 player isn’t allowed, such as on rigid corporate networks, fall back technology enables the video to be played as usual.
Checkerboard Thumbnails
  • Thumbnails which have transparent backgrounds can now be discerned within the library with the introduction of the new checkerboard facility. Thumbnails, such as PNG’s with transparent backgrounds can now be identified with a chequered background or from a set of other pre-set backgrounds. This functionality can also be toggled on or off by system administrators.
Asset User Interface
  • A host of improvements have been made to the asset libraries in 6.0 including improvements on how to add assets to an album and the removal of pop-ups for downloads. The old java uploader has been removed and updated to HTML meaning there will no longer be issues of users having to update their Java.
Continuing Internationalisation
  • With continued growth in international markets the Brandworkz thesaurus has been updated, we have added and removed a number of local terms to better reflect our growing international family.
  • Our improved Showcase module now allows users to upload hero images directly into the Showcase folder. Also metadata fields are now set up to be selectable from the showcase, reducing the amount of admin required to set-up a new Showcase.
  • We have added a new warning system to Web-to-Publish. Users are now warned that they have gone over the number of characters in a given field, ensuring that Web-to-Publish templates adhere to design parameters.