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60 Second Showcase – How do you deliver a consistent brand experience?

Marketing has changed. Customers are now taking control and are looking for a consistent brand experience. In the latest in our series of 60 Second Showcase videos, Brandworkz Digital Marketing Manage Neil Monahan looks at how marketing has changed and why brands should ensure that they deliver a great brand experience to their clients and customers. Neil sets out how, with Brand Management Software, marketers can create an environment where it is easy to deliver a joined-up and consistent brand experience no matter which channel.

We hope you find the video useful and that your gain some valuable insights.

Brandworkz Head of Marketing, Neil Monahan, discusses the changes that have occurred in marketing and how to deliver a consistent brand experience, starting with finding your brand values.

Read the transcript below:

How do you deliver a consistent brand experience?

Neil Monahan:

Things have changed in marketing as increasingly the customer is taking control. They’re looking for a connection to a brand and a great and consistent brand experience. If brands can’t deliver that, they’ll simply turn away, after all, there’s a massive choice of products available. This is why brands have evolved from a communications led concept, to one that now must run to the heart of every organization, but, delivering joined-up consistent brand experience is difficult.

So what are marketers to do? Well, first they need to find their brand values so everybody within the organisation knows what the brand stands for. Next, they need to align their internal teams behind the brand promise so they can deliver on their brand values in each of the individual job roles and finally they need to provide fast access to the brand information that their teams need to share and distribute. So if you focus on brand experience, customer service and staff attitude you’ll go a long way to delivering a great brand experience.